Current Issue, People Mar, 2021

Natural Storyteller

For Gudanji people, only a select few are story tellers. It’s a testament to our front cover artist Ryhia Dank, that someone so young has become one of those storytellers, depicting the neutral, natural tones of her traditional land, Garranjini, together with the bright colours that surround her here on the Sunshine Coast. John Caruso talked...

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Mushroom Tagigan Current Issue, Producers Mar, 2021

Magic Mushrooms

Matt Golinski discovers a local producer who is putting the fun into fungi. Remember when your choice of potatoes at the shops was dirty or washed? Or lettuce was iceberg or, well, iceberg?Mushrooms were round and white, or if you went to one of those fancy places they sometimes had the big flat ones. The array of...

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Mona Ryder Art / Design, Current Issue Mar, 2021

Life Art with Mona Ryder

Her eyes and heart see art in every corner of domestic life –  Mona Ryder makes us question the way we live and will challenge us to find beauty in what we once thought was mundane. Carlie Wacker previews an exciting exhibition and artist-in-residence program that is bound to inspire. Mona Ryder spent her early years...

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