Spring Garden

Spring in your Step

Image source: IN Noosa Magazine

Pete Goodlet inspires you to create a world of colour, fun and flamboyance to put a spring in your step and make the garden the belle of the ball!

‘Tis Spring – a season of colour and frivolity, of racing carnivals and balls. A time to frock up, pop on some bold lippy and splash on some Chanel No 5. Colour, fragrance and a sense of fun define Spring and while there might not be many carnivals and balls, why not make your garden the belle of the ball?

The beautiful blue skies of spring in Noosa give us the opportunity to be as lavish with colour as our heart desires. The deep green of many of our lush tropical plants makes the perfect backdrop for splashes of colour. Drape your garden with jewels and precious gems and you will be rewarded with many admiring glances and a full dance card.

Pots of colour are a fabulous way to add instant impact to your garden. Not only do their colourful foliage and flowers bring an instant lift, the choice of decorative pots available,
let you decorate in your own choice of style. Go flamboyant with brightly glazed pots in a myriad of colours. Go retro with pots on metal stands or mix it up with an eclectic blend of new and recycled containers. Geraniums, a particular favourite with Sarah from Doonan Valley Garden Centre work very well in simple pots bringing back memories of her grandmother’s garden.

Stands or pedestals are what we in the trade (or maybe just this designer) call the high heels of the garden. They lengthen your limbs and heighten your allure. Grouping your pots in a variety of heights adds spice and variety. Speaking of spice, chillies, bay trees and herbs can also be mixed amongst the colour to add some fresh delight to your culinary kitchen. Don’t just stop at the fruits and leaves though, drop some violas or nasturtiums into your salad and watch it come to life. If your whipping up a martini why not top it with a flower, a gin-soaked pansy is a delight on the eyes and the tastebuds.

Colour is not just restricted to the pots, planted along the edge of a garden bed flowering plants can work wonders in freshening up an entry or courtyard. Annuals work perfectly when used in this fashion as colour can change with the seasons, or even be themed for a special event. Simon at Manawee Garden Centre has a huge range of potted colour and an impressive massed display of pansies in a pedestal bowl that are just dying to dance in the spring breeze.

Climbing plants in the subtropics are far from shrinking wallflowers and there is little to match the colour of the Bougainvillea or Dipladenias. The Bougainvillea in particular practically screams ‘look at me, I am the belle of the ball‛. But beware, such vivacity is accompanied with vigorous growth and voracious thorns. Then again what ball is complete without a big blossomy creature full of colour, wit and charm, boldly tossing out the odd, finely-honed barb.

Spring is here, embrace it wholeheartedly. Fill your garden with love, colour and joy. Invite your friends around, have a ball and don‛t forget to dance, for ‘tis the season for dancing, colour and fun‛!

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