A Much-Kneaded Change at The Wonky Loaf

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Mixing the charm of a small-town bakery with unmatched service, The Wonky Loaf is expanding to embrace a wide offering and an even wider community, as Georgia Beard discovers.

Every town in Australia is home to a local bakery. We know the kind – humble and heartwarming; shelves stacked with steaming meat pies, crusty loaves and creamy desserts; a pitstop for every lunch-hungry local and visitor.

From an unassuming street corner in Kuluin, The Wonky Loaf has become this destination for the Sunshine Coast.

With their rare recipe of slow-fermented, sustainable and organic sourdough goodies, exceptional coffee and a space embracing creativity and authenticity, the wonky humans behind the counter have made it so much more than the local bakery.

From peckish kids across the road at Kuluin State School; to the early risers collecting fresh, sustainable and organic sourdough bread and baked goods; to interstate travellers living like locals; The Wonky Loaf is a delicious destination.

After months of product development and planning; The Wonky Loaf is about to get… well, wonkier, with expansions; exciting new recipes and retail offerings that will officially launch in the first weekend of September!

For founder and owner Katie Faulkner, this transformation has been a long time coming.

“Over the years, we’ve witnessed the transformative power of change and firmly believe that growth, when done mindfully, can be a potent force for good,” she said.

“In this expansion, we see an opportunity and a chance to bring our health-centric, sustainable offerings to a wider audience.

“We will be launching a range of new products from the start of September, varying from creative adaptations of the classics that customers absolutely love to our biggest and most exciting product that has been in the works for many months.

“We are so excited to announce that we will be offering sourdough cake at The Wonky Loaf!”

For context, baking a cake is chemistry in action. With sourdough in the mix, the experiment grows harder to predict.

But these talented bakers have achieved their ideal chemical reaction, reaching the same high standard as their sourdough bread and pastries – to create a divine and decadent product that is as good on your tummy as it is on your tastebuds!

“Wheat, in its unfermented state, is difficult to digest and unwilling to give up its nutritional benefits,” Katie said.

“By adding a live sourdough culture to the wheat flour in recipes and giving it the right environment to ferment for a long time, we break down that gluten structure, making it easier to digest and releasing the good nutrients contained within.”

After three years in business, the team also recognised their beloved bakery space – from the kitchen to the kids’ corner to the dog-friendly dining – needed a bit more love!

“We’ve embarked on some much-needed renovations,” she said. “Imagine a space where every corner feels like the cosy yet spacious nook of a premium bakery, enveloping you with the warmth of freshly baked bread and the alluring aroma of coffee.

“Our new retail space will remain in our café, making it feel more like a small grocer and community hub.

“We are passionate about high quality, local produce and have selected the best of the best on the Sunshine Coast to be part of our offerings.”

Expect to see the likes of Woombye Cheese Company, Sex Honey, Padre Coffee, Pargo, Suzie June Chocolate, Fresh Chai Co and Pottery by Mudra on the shelves.

The Wonky Loaf will also feature weekend blooms delivered by the parents of one staff member from their Gympie flower farm!

“In the background, our wholesale department has been on fire!” Katie added. “We’ve seen a significant growth there, partnering with local businesses to get our sustainable and slow fermented sourdough loaves into more hands across the Sunshine Coast.”

As The Wonky Loaf’s exclusive list of stockists expands, we can also find their sourdough delights at Kawana, Yandina and Eumundi markets on Saturdays and Noosa Farmers’ Market and Northey Street Market in Brisbane on Sundays.

“We have been working endlessly on our relaunch and can’t believe just how quickly the time has flown by,” Katie said. “We are so grateful for our dedicated team – we simply wouldn’t have been able to do this without them.

“By expanding, we aren’t just seeking to grow in size – we aim to magnify our impact and to make high-quality sourdough more accessible while continuing to champion the values of sustainability and organic produce.

“In essence, this move is an embodiment of our belief in harnessing change as a powerful tool to nourish our community and move closer to our vision.”


Discover a new era on the rise at The Wonky Loaf slow sourdough Café + HQ, 2-4 Melaleuca Street, Kuluin

Visit www.thewonkyloaf.com.au to discover stockists such as Greensmith Grocers, Grub Organics, Flying West, Ocean Folk Espresso (Ocean Addicts), Tewantin Market Garden, Yandina Market Garden, The Shop @ Coolum, Maple Street Co-op (Maleny) & The Barn on Flaxton.

Or come on board as a wholesale stockist at www.thewonkyloaf.com.au/apply

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