Autumn Boost with Greensmith Grocers and Silo Wholefoods

Image source: Photographer Megan Gill

After a frenzied season of summer festivities and back-to-school blusters, we’re letting our minds and bodies settle into self-care and rejuvenation. Nurturing our health from the inside out, two homegrown grocers have drawn up their shopping lists for the wellness-based products we must add to our autumn routines. 


Autumn is all about rebooting after the indulgent summer months. Reset this season with these wonderful small batch products that look after you from the inside out. Ask in-store for more delicious ideas and recipes for a healthy boost.

Deeto’s Bloom Pink Superfood Latte is crafted for the modern woman. Taste hints of chocolate fused with beetroot and the warming adaptogens of spices and brain-boosting herbs!

Sprinkle 100% Australian Bee Pollen over smoothies, salads, cereal and chia puddings. EveryOrganics sources pollen from ethical beehives for immunity, anti-inflammation and more.

Extracting the therapeutic properties of natural ingredients, Juniper Organic Skincare nurtures all skin types and conditions. Experience the range with in-store facial treatments of massage, reflexology and acupressure. 


Autumn is a time to focus on women’s health and wellbeing with these beautiful nurturing and healing supplements that are easy to incorporate into everyday life. Here are some of our faves – with more in store!

Mix The Original Collagen Peptipro into your morning coffee or tea, sourced exclusively from Australian and New Zealand cattle hides. The hydrolysed collagen powder boosts protein intake with 18 amino acids!

Formulated for women, Ancestral Nutrition’s Primal Energy Grass Fed Beef Organ Superfood replenishes key nutrients largely forgotten on a modern diet to restore energy and vitality. Take four capsules daily or sprinkle into smoothies and meals! 

Roogenic transforms Australian Native plants into remedial blends such as Native Detox Tea and Native Relaxation Tea, promoting healthy sleep, detoxification, gut healing and more.

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