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Beauty from within with a spin! Carlie Wacker explores the most talked-about new beauty treatment with the best in the business – Illuminate Aesthetics.  

Word had started to spread this year that Australia was finally getting in on Europe’s most popular new age skin hydration treatment known as Bioremodelling. 

Steph and Chris Gardner are the Sunshine Coast’s go-to experts in cosmetic injectables and have started treating clients with this game changer since it became available.  

The registered nurses said this was definitely the treatment of the moment.

“Although a brand new and highly anticipated treatment to Australia this year, bioremodelling has been available in Europe for a few years and we have been waiting for this treatment to hit our shores,” says Steph. 

It has been a long wait, but it also means that Steph, Chris and the team at Illuminate Aesthetics have had the benefit of watching the product and service roll out via colleagues overseas. 

“The results we have seen have been phenomenal and the safety profile of the treatment is comforting,” adds Steph.

The treatment is essentially injectable skin care using pure hyaluronic acid for the ultimate in hydration. 

Steph said that once injected just underneath the skin it spreads like honey across the entire face causing a moisturising effect from the inside.

It’s beauty from within with a spin! 

Steph and many of her clients have had the treatment coined as ‘fertiliser for your skin’.

“As well as having this amazing hydration, the product also switches back on the fibroblast cells in the body, which are the cells that produce the elastin and collagen,” Steph said. “This effectively slows down the ageing process and leaves skin feeling, tighter, more radiant and hydrated. It can also reduce pore size.

Bring on that slow ageing process.

Profhilo doesn’t discriminate and is suitable for all ages and skin types.  

Younger skin will benefit by reducing the pace at which skin ages and give an epic glow and for the more mature client there is visible tightening to crepey skin and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as well as looking much fresher.

“This is the perfect treatment for those who want to look fresh and not overdone,” says Steph. “With this product you can tighten and improve skin quality without the risk of looking different or of having had too much. 

“You will look just like you but just the best version of you.  So, if you have been too afraid to join the filler train for fear of looking weird, this really is the go-to treatment for you.”

Profhilo is performed over 2-3 sessions depending on individual’s needs. Once the initial treatment has been done you will be required to return for a second treatment four weeks later and the best results are seen six weeks post that second treatment.  It is recommended that for optimal results treatments are repeated 1-2 times per year. 

If the face hydration sensation isn’t enough for you – wait until you see what’s next: Bioremodelling injections to hydrate the neck, decolletage, hands, arms, knees and stomach. 

At this rate I am going to be a walking talking hyaluronic acid lady – I’ll take the full body service please! 

Illuminate Aesthetics always advise a full complimentary medical consultation in the clinic to make sure this or any of their treatments are right for you. 

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