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Bunker Specialty Coffee Co is committed to distributing world-class beans to the cafés of the Sunshine Coast and helping businesses guarantee the perfect pour, discovers Rebecca Jamieson Dwyer.

It’s the morning ritual that most of us can’t do without: breathing in that delicious coffee aroma, savouring the first sip, and basking in the ensuing caffeine buzz.

But as every coffee drinker knows, there’s nothing worse than the disappointment that comes from being served a supremely average cup.

Luckily, help is at hand for those in the coffee business: Kate and Ben Saultry from Bunker Speciality Coffee Co are passionate about helping Sunshine Coast cafés elevate their coffee offerings to new heights as the exclusive local distributor for award-winning Melbourne-based roasters, Veneziano.

Stalwarts of the Australian coffee scene for more than two decades, Veneziano have spent years perfecting their blends, and were one of the first specialty coffee producers in the country.

“Years ago, the coffee landscape looked very different to today,” explains Kate. “We had what was called the first wave of coffee in the fifties, which was introduced to Australia by European immigrants.

“Then the second wave was the creation of companies with some brand recognition that first introduced the cafè culture. And the third wave was about 20 years ago, when quality independent roasters started to produce small-batch, specialty coffee, of which Veneziano was one of the first.”

Melbourne is often described as the coffee capital of the world, Kate is proud to bring this highly-regarded brand to the region, enabling local cafés to serve the exceptional-quality coffee you’d find in any major international city.

Not only do Bunker’s wholesale customers enjoy the kudos of serving Veneziano coffee, but they get the additional expertise and passion of Kate and Ben, who hand-deliver the beans each week, provide regular machine servicing, barista training and assistance with coffee-related emergencies (even at 6am on a Sunday!) – they live and breathe all things beans.

“Our favourite thing about working with Veneziano is the support they offer – we really love that,” says Kate.

“We can take it for granted that the same amount of coffee turns up in the same packaging, on the same day, and has been roasted on the same day of the week, so we always know what we’re getting. This continuity of quality is really important to our customers.”

Veneziano buys its beans directly from farmers in countries such as Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia, India and Brazil, establishing long-term relationships with them and paying a fair price.

These highly-graded ‘green beans’ are then roasted in special machines in small batches to preserve the flavour profile and integrity of the coffee before being mixed together to create unique blends.

Every coffee enthusiast is catered for with the brand’s range of rich, fruit-forward or light blends, and they recently launched a refreshing range of dairy-free cold-brew coffee in cans, with flavours including Neapolitan, Oat Milk and Chai Latte – the perfect sip for summer!

Building on their tradition of innovation, Veneziano have continued to push boundaries in the world of coffee, and were recently awarded B Corporation Certification as a result of their sustainable and ethical approach to production.

Committed to having a positive impact on people and the planet, the business has recycled over 50,000 single-use coffee cups, helped raise over $10,000 for charity, and is Carbon Neutral certified.

And they’re not afraid to go against the grain (or bean) by optimising their packaging to reduce waste, resizing their bags so they’re no longer the typical size used by all other Australian brands yet still holding the same volume of beans.

“Veneziano has diverted 75% of their packaging waste from landfill, and all packaging will be reusable or recyclable by 2025, significantly reducing the amount of soft plastic that goes to landfill from our customers,” adds Kate.

It’s said that your vibe attracts your tribe, and the Veneziano team includes an impressive number of ‘coffee superstars’, including Head of Coffee Pete Licata, a former World Barista Champion; and Green Bean Buyer Jack Allisey, a former Australian Roasting Champion.

And it isn’t just coffee they create to a world-class standard: the brand’s flagship Richmond café was recently included by design magazine Wallpaper* in its list of ‘the world’s best coffee shops for design lovers’ – the only Australian café to be featured.

Veneziano Coffee Roasters recently opened a café in bustling Melbourne Airport so you can grab your favourite cup of Joe when on the go travelling interstate.

When cafés on the Sunshine Coast choose to stock this iconic Melbourne brand via Bunker Specialty Coffee Co, they’re getting coffee beans done better – and Kate has the perfect analogy to explain what makes their offering so superior.

“I like to compare the process of roasting coffee to cooking a steak: you could buy the most amazing steak and a bad chef could ruin it,” she says. “But on the other hand, you could buy a pretty average cut and a great chef could turn it into something magical.

“Veneziano has both: the excellent bean quality and their amazing roasters creating the well known blends, which means our café customers are guaranteed a quality cup.”

We’ll raise a cup to that!

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