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How often do you meet people who’ve always had a clear direction of where they were going? John Caruso meets an individual whose chosen career has also helped hundreds of others achieve their biggest life-changing dream.

I’ve always had respect and admiration for those that can work with their hands, especially those that can add value and equity to their own properties, thus creating wealth. Talking to Pat Ryan from Ryan Designer Homes for our podcast, Everyone Has a Story, I admired not only his vision and determination from an early age, but also his skills and business savvy in building his company into what it is today – a multifaceted team with the client at the heart of it.

Pat’s a quietly spoken individual and his success is a testament to the power of a dream. From a young age, he knew exactly what he wanted to do – and, after 52 years in the game, he still gets a ‘buzz’ when he delivers the keys to excited new homeowners!

“Ever since I was five years of age, I’ve always wanted to be a builder and now I’m in my sixties and I still live the dream,” Pat shares. His journey from a young apprentice to the owner of a thriving business is a story of passion, dedication, and a deep understanding of his craft.

“There was a construction company in the town where I grew up and their offices caught my eye,” he said. “They delivered some awesome projects and their business left an impression on me.”

This early inspiration set him on a path that would eventually lead to the creation of Ryan Designer Homes. Pat’s approach is both personal and practical. He understands the importance of balancing his vision as a builder with the needs and wants of his clients.  At Ryan Designer Homes, the client’s vision is paramount.

“One of the reasons we take on both design and construction is so we can put together the right team to manage the whole process from concept through to build,” he explains. “Clients will come to us with ideas and pictures of what they like – colours and styles, and we then bring together the best team for the project, including architects and/or building designers, engineers, interior designers and so on. The client forms a big part of this and it allows us to work together to deliver a really good result from day one, from design to delivery.”

The company works with a select panel of designers and architects, choosing the best fit for each client’s needs. This collaborative approach ensures that every home is a unique reflection of the client’s personal style and preferences. But building a home is more than just aesthetics. Pat emphasises the importance of ‘home intelligence’,a concept that includes considerations of energy efficiency and smart design.

“It’s not a pre-prepared plan straight off the shelf,” he says. “Aspect is critical, for example if you’ve got an outdoor living area that’s facing north, then you’ll be able to sit out there 90 percent of the year, because it’s going to be comfortable; but if it’s facing south, you’ll struggle, even in temperate Queensland. You want to enjoy that space as much as you like.”

Communication is key in Pat’s approach and he believes in empowering clients with knowledge so they can make informed decisions about their homes.

“I always say, ‘this is your home, I’m going to make suggestions for your consideration, and you’ll get to make your decisions from an educated perspective’,” he says. “It’s one of those jobs where there’s an end result that always gives me a buzz.”

Pat’s story is a reminder that with passion, dedication, and a clear vision, it’s possible to build not just homes, but to deliver dreams. With Ryan Designer Homes going strong for quarter of a century and winning five national awards in that time, it’s clear that Pat is also living his dream.

WANT MORE? Download the interview with Pat Ryan from our podcast.

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