Colour Pop Spring Hair 2020

Colour Pop: The latest in Spring hair colour

Image source: IN Noosa Magazine

Spring has sprung so what better time to have some fun with your hair and embrace the gorgeous new pastel tones that are making waves this season. From icy blues to pretty pinks, nothing is off limits. Ingrid Nelson caught up with award-winning hair stylist Adrian of Adrian J Hairdressing to discover all the latest trends.

What colours can we expect to see for Spring?

Adrian: Coming out of COVID, a lot of people have decided to embrace the greys that are coming through, so we are seeing lots of slate greys with light silver highlights. We are also doing a lovely pale blue; soft corals and pinks are still there but they have gone more blush. If you are clever with your tones you can incorporate all of these colours. Even soft coppers that are more like a pale tangerine are quite popular for Spring.

Can anyone wear pastel tones?

Adrian: It is possible but it’s a transition effect. You are not going to be able to achieve it in one go. Pastel tones really need to be put on a blonde base because they don’t show up on dark hair.

Are pastels suited to all skin tones?

Adrian: Those with a freckly skin tone such as natural redheads should probably avoid the blues and pinks. We have swatches of the colours that we can put against the skin to decide what will suit best. We put it on the back of the hand or the arm, which is how you will find your true skin tone.

Does eye colour come into play?

Adrian: Absolutely. Smokey browns are perfect for those with brown or green eyes, while the lighter tones will bring out the blues and greys. As soon as you apply a strong hair colour that suits, the eyes will literally just pop.

Can any age bracket wear pastels?

Adrian: It just depends on the colour. The pinks and blues tend to suit the younger demographic. The silvers and greys are very popular with the more mature ladies who are sick of colouring their hair and want to return to their natural tones. We can simply enhance that with a nice short feminine cut and the right products.

What products should we use on pastels?

Adrian: They must be paraben and sulphate-free. We have a range of products for our blondes and pastels, which have specific properties that protects the colour. Pastels lay on the surface of the hair so they don’t last as long as the pinks, purples, reds and oranges. They fade quicker so it’s easy to swap and change.

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