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When it comes to launching a fashion label, we rarely think about the work that has gone into the creation of the pieces. A fresh fashion event has been announced promising to delve deep into the design process.

Many of you will already know fabulous fashionista Carlie Wacker for her effortless style and passion for local fashion. Carlie has teamed up with The Full Feather founder Jacinta Emms to create a unique event that will take guests from sketch to stitch. Welcome to Runway Fashion Australia (RFA).

As Carlie explains, RFA is a chance for emerging and local designers of sustainable fashion to showcase their style to the community, along with their creative process. Both Jacinta and Carlie are lovers of the slow fashion movement and are excited to provide a platform to share this philosophy with a wider community.

RFA will strip the fashion industry back to the bones, revealing the design process as well as the inspiration behind local designers.

Runway Fashion Australia is a show that shares the creative process – from sketch to stitch. Our event is very much about supporting Australian and emerging designers and going back to basics,” Carlie explains.

“It’s so important to us that people understand the real stories behind our Australian designers. Often people just think about the price of a dress, but it is so much more!

“The final piece has come from someone’s heart; they have dreamed it, drawn it, and drafted a pattern until it is just right for a sample to be made. Only then do they build the courage to put a sample collection on a catwalk to hope everyone loves it!”

One such designer is Michelle Tait of eco Luxe Australia. Michelle will unveil a new bag design at RFA and says events such as this are an important part of showcasing the local industry, as well as promoting eco-friendly fashion.

“As an eco-designer, I’m always looking for ways to help contribute to reducing the impact of landfill in my designs,” she explains. “With this in mind, my brand-new design will include a used padded envelope!”

As Carlie explains, more people are choosing quality over quantity and unique pieces over mainstream fashion produced in large volumes within factories. RFA is a chance for start-up and local labels to start building a presence within the fashion community and to prepare themselves for “fashion, festivals and fame!”

Emerging hair and make-up artists will also be included in RFA, having a chance to show off their talents. More than 50 models turned out for the casting and 12 labels will exhibit on the night.

“We are also paying all of our creatives involved, so we are creating work opportunities for emerging and established talent,” Carlie says.

“We don’t just want to have a show, we want to have a discussion about what changes can be made to strengthen this industry. To promote slow and recycled fashion and to re-establish the value of everyone in the industry.

“So many people in this industry are continually expected to work for free, we want to change this culture for creatives.”


WHAT: Runway Fashion Australia
WHEN: Saturday 21 March, 5.30pm
WHERE: The Shed – Aussie World, 1 Downunder Drive, Palmview
COST: Tickets from $52.78
Click here to book.

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