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Conscious Life Holistic Wellness Festival returns to the Sunshine Coast! Georgia Beard meets the enlightened mind behind the expo and her lineup of life-changing seminars, workshops and experiences.  According to Laura Di Mambro, living a conscious life means surfacing from the unbroken stream of daily existence.

Being in business is challenging, particularly in the past few years.  So it’s encouraging to see the trailblazers of tranquility at ikatan Spa still loving what they do after two decades of being warriors for the wellness industry. John Caruso discovers the inspiring success story

He’s studied at Cambridge in the UK, worked in Italy and USA. He surfs and owns a collection of guitars and plays in a local band called The Money Shot! John Caruso talks to Professor Christian Hamilton-Craig, a cardiologist who’d like all of us to

Looking for an optometrist that has an eye on your vision and fashion needs? Carlie Wacker discovers the A-team of eye health in Nambour. Did you now that one Australian loses part or all of their vision every 65 minutes?  That’s so scary as someone who has

We need the unconditional love from our pets more than ever to get us through tough times, and as Jackie Hillegers discovers, they really do become part of our families and daily lives. “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than

Courtney Alderson meets a local ophthamology specialist who is passionate about preserving and protecting the precious gift of sight.  Maintaining good eyesight is a vital part of wellbeing and a significant factor in retaining your independence and quality of life. As Ophthamologist and owner of EyeHub Dr

Finding connection and being vulnerable isn’t common in male culture, but Jesse Malthouse is creating a space for men to share their struggles. Georgia Beard discovers how his fitness program, The Boys Social Collective, challenges what it means to be masculine. Domineering, aggressive, unbreakable. These are

With cooler weather comes different skin challenges. Carlie Wacker shares some tips to ensure your skin weathers well.  As the seasons change, so should our skincare routine. Our body’s largest organ needs different things as the weather and environment around us switches up so here are

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