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Crystal Bylett

Sunshine Living Tile & Stone

How and when was your business born? 

Sunshine Living Tile & Stone was born four years ago after both hubby Ben and I had been in the stone and tile industry for 20 years in Sydney. 

We saw there was a need to supply some really cool and different products on the Sunshine Coast.

What do you love about your business?

Firstly, I love meeting all the interesting people that walk through the door each day. Then diving in deep with unique products to help their dreams come true! 

How does your personal style translate to your business? 

I love being unassuming with design…taking simple everyday products and using them in different ways. 

I love using classic concepts with new products so the concept stays timeless. 

What is something that people don’t know about your business?

Oh there are lots of things actually:

– We offer free design consultations; 

– We are bigger than we look, the showroom has so much product that we had to extend out the back to fit it all in; 

– We have two warehouses, one in Brisbane and one in Sydney; 

– We have two trucks and a local van delivering orders locally, along the east coast and Australia-wide; and

– Our online shop is about to launch.

What sets your business apart? 

Definitely our experience and knowledge of the products and their capabilities combined with our love of design and keeping up with the latest trends and products.

We also specialise in stone cladding and have a dedicated installation team for local jobs.

Tell us about what you stock. 

All those pretty things you see in Pinterest and Instagram is our thang! 

If we don’t have it on the shelves we will know where to find it. 

What is popular right now?

Oh that’s a hard one… I think everything can look amazing when it’s in the right place. 

Though, I’ve always been a fan of checkerboard and people are starting to get brave enough to give that a go now.

What item can make a space come alive? 

Stone Cladding for sure! 

It doesn’t take much to incorporate it into a space but it really adds that great WOW feature people are looking for.

What can we expect to see this season? 

We are seeing a real shift to people using travertine, limestone and large porcelain throughout their homes as the main flooring over concrete and timber. 

It’s more durable and everlasting which people are starting to realise. 

What’s popular in texture and tones? 

Peachy, terracotta tones have been great and will be around for longer and blues are coming through again, which is great to see. 

What are the current colour directions? 

Things are starting to shift from the ‘White Wash’ look with splashes of bold colours and playful patterns being added.

We will be seeing more of the ‘Mod Med’ look with checks and stripes coming through for a while longer.

Large floral prints and bold colours will come back to dark moody concepts.

What styling advice do you have? 

Never, never, never copy or follow trends for the sake of it! 

Work out what colours make you happy and what ‘feeling’ you want from the area and work with that as your design goal. 

Keep it simple, commit to your concept and if there is anything that you truly love and must have – use it and make everything else fit in around it.

What do you love about being here? 

The people for sure, Sunny Coasters are real go-getters! 

They follow their dreams and create amazing things. 

I’m always inspired by people who back themselves.


Fave Hobby: Walking my dogs and yoga

Fave Drink: Diablo Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Fave Food: Hands-down, the Beef Rotis from Heirloom in Coolum!

Fave Saying: “If you love it, use it!”

Fave Style: Anything Mediterranean for style, food and vibes!   

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