In Full Bloom with Jasmine Veronique: Cover Story

Image source: Photographer Christine Hall

Moving to the Sunshine Coast was the creative catalyst for our cover artist Jasmine Veronique, who’s captivated by the wild beauty of all things floral, discovers Rebecca Jamieson Dwyer.

Jasmine Veronique’s bold, moody, sumptuous flowers might have you thinking she’s perfected her style over decades, but – although she’s been creative her entire life – Jasmine’s oil-painting practice and her career as a full-time artist is relatively new.

Growing up, her mother was an artist with a little studio and gallery on the Gold Coast, and Jasmine was surrounded by pots of paint, blank canvases and plenty of creative encouragement.

She studied a Bachelor of Animation at university, but found herself craving a more tactile outlet, which led her to dabble in painting portraits, animals and landscapes. However, those feelings took a back seat as she gave birth to a daughter and a son, and fully immersed herself in the beauty, joy and chaos of early motherhood.

In 2022, the family moved from Ipswich to the lush hinterland area of Ninderry, and something sparked in Jasmine.

Inspired by the landscape and the close-knit creative community of artists on the Sunshine Coast, she enrolled in a four-day oil painting workshop at Art School Co with founder Jess Le Clerc – and the rest is history.

“I’d never really been interested in still life before, but one day our task was to paint this bunch of flowers in a vase, and I thought, ‘I absolutely love this!’” she says. “My daughter is obsessed with flowers and is always picking them, so that really brought them into my consciousness.

“But I also realised that with flowers, as opposed to people or animals, you don’t have to depict them perfectly – instead you can relax and focus on developing a style that feels true to you.”

Jasmine now has a large, cohesive body of blooming beautiful work: opulent arrangements in vessels; flowers beside gorgeous faces (as seen on the piece chosen as our cover image, In the Waiting); and, more recently, native flora resplendent in its natural habitat – miraculously springing up from sand dunes, clustered together in a field, or caught just at that moment as the sun goes down, bathed in golden light.

She takes inspiration from photos she’s seen, places she’s been, and the beauty of the world around her.

“The natural world just provides that constant sense of wonder and grounding. I love how free it is; it’s eternally inspiring,” she says. “As kids, we were outside exploring all the time, and I’m so thankful for that chance to cultivate an appreciation for nature. That’s helped shape my values for both my business and personal life, which are ‘beauty, freedom and wonder’.”

One of her recent works was selected as a finalist in the Local Contemporary Art Prize and on display at Caloundra Regional Gallery – a large canvas featuring the pink Pigface flowers from the native succulent that Jasmine saw blooming on the sand dunes as she walked on the beach one afternoon.

“I called it Dune Warden because the plant helps maintain the structure and integrity of the sand dunes,” she shares. “I saw them on one of my first beach walks after moving here, so it’s a special memory for me. I thought they were beautiful, but they also have this purpose of protecting the landscape, which is something that resonates with us all.”

Constantly refining her process thanks to the regular classes she attends at Art School Co, Jasmine has a huge notebook filled with inspiration images, sketches, colour studies and quotes that she’s always updating to keep her own creative garden flourishing.

Rather than diving head-first into her canvases, each artwork is carefully planned and executed.

“I’ll decide where I want the focus to be and which colours I’ll be using, and then I’ll sketch out the whole thing, which means I’m less likely to get halfway through a work and decide that I don’t like the composition,” she explains. “That’s been a really big breakthrough for me.”

Since moving here, Jasmine has enjoyed connecting with the vibrant, eclectic arts community here, and feels supported and encouraged.

“There’s a broad spectrum of artists – young and old, professional and emerging – across lots of different mediums, and everyone is really happy to be part of the same community,” she says.

She was recently voted the People’s Choice at the 40 Under 40 Exhibition at Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre for her work Golden Hour – a painting symbolising “the opening possibilities of a new day” – an accolade that has fuelled her to work even harder at her craft, and put more beauty out into the world. In addition to being part of the Local Contemporary Art Prize on display at Caloundra Regional Gallery, Jasmine’s work will be featured at the Affordable Art Fair in Brisbane from 9-12 May as part of Yandina’s Stevens Street Gallery.

Creating art helps Jasmine feel increasingly connected to this special place she now calls home, and as her style develops, she feels compelled to move away from still life scenes and focus on the imperfect, resilient, wild beauty of native flora.

“This year, I want to bring more storytelling and a sense of place into my work,” she says.

We can’t wait to watch her creativity bloom!


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