Living in the Landscape

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Many of Bark Architects’ projects coexist with significant trees in subtropical coastal landscapes. This is a recurring theme in Stephen Guthrie and Lindy Atkin’s approach, as they recognise that people are innately connected to nature, which enhances health and wellbeing.

For their Peregian Beach Spoonbill House (above) Guthrie and Atkin re-imagined an arrival experience of a journey through the sand dune landscape to the beach. The house is sited away from the road to preserve a stand of mature Banksias and Moreton Bay Ash trees. Translucent walls beyond create a lantern effect, with silhouettes of the trunks and foliage either side of the meandering boardwalk.

Drawn in the sand at the first meeting with the client at their property, the Marcus Beach House (bottom) incorporates two pavilions on either side of a magnificent and sculptural Moreton Bay Ash tree that was positioned at the heart of the site. 

A reciprocal relationship now exists between the tree and the surrounding spaces, so that it would be difficult to imagine one without the other.

Overlooking the ocean, Bark’s Springs Beach House (top right) celebrates the nature of its site through the use of perforated screens which provide dappled light to several outdoor rooms. Guthrie says: “Subtropical architecture for us is all about moderating the light to make memorable and comfortable spaces that simply feel good.”

Atkin agrees with Frank Lloyd Wright’s statement that: “The good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built.” 

This was certainly Atkin and Guthrie’s intent when they designed their Bark Studio around two giant Bloodwood trees in the Noosa Hinterland twenty years ago.

Bark is fortunate that, over the last two decades of practice, they have designed homes for many trusting clients who value their shared respect for the beautiful and inspiring landscapes of the Sunshine Coast.

All are welcome to experience and explore  Bark’s stunning Noosa Hinterland Studio as part of Sunshine Coast Open House on Sunday 24 October from 10am-3pm with talks at 10.30am, 11.30am. 1.30pm and 2.30pm. 

Bark Architects
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