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Fill your home with conversational pieces that have a story to tell. Sarah Vercoe finds the antiques and possibilities that will complement your home’s design.

When it comes to your home what’s on the inside is just as important as the exterior aesthetic. Designing a space that speaks to your personal style is key, as are statement pieces that have a story to tell. Because who doesn’t love a good conversation starter? 

Antiques and Possibilities is a treasure trove of conversation-starters where everyone from antique enthusiasts to one-of-a-kind treasure hunters will find a fascinating piece to spark a good yarn.

Store curator Chris Hughes has a knack for sourcing the most interesting pieces from around the world, with their show-stopping collection of antiques and collectables enriched with their own fascinating story. 

Mass-produced is all but a dirty term in their seaside store in Peregian Beach; only the finest pieces created with expert craftsmanship make it into the shop. 

The kind of pieces that have been laboured over by an artisan who has pride in their work and the expert craftsmanship required to produce a quality piece. 

This meticulous criteria ensures a collection in-store that embodies not only antiquity and rare finds but personality as well. The ideal way to decorate a home in a fashion all its own.

With furniture, silver, crystal and glassware curated to suit a coastal lifestyle among the possibilities – some dating back as far as 300 years – unearthing a statement piece at Antiques and Possibilities that will complement your home’s design and reflect your personal style is all but guaranteed. 

A quality statement piece goes a long way in creating an impact in a room as do the little things that bring a room together – the elegant lamp that warms up your sitting corner; the crystal liquor bottle that houses the good stuff; or the ornamental mirror that draws the eye and creates a sense of space. 

Delve into an exquisite trove of possibilities and get the conversation rolling the next time you welcome someone to your home. 

Antiques and Possibilities, Shop 5 and 6, 6 Grebe Street, Peregian Beach. Phone 5372 8838

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