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Strap in for a ride that will change the way you adult! Carlie Wacker jumps in the drivers’ seat of life thanks to leading high performance expert and personal coach to some of the world’s best CEO’s – Nikki Fogden Moore aka The Mojo Maker.

There is good reason that Nikki Fogden Moore carries the title of The Mojo Maker – her energy is contagious. Being in her presence fills you with confidence yet opens a door to explore and connect with yourself on a deeper level. It’s almost like she can read your mind or has some secret power that can unlock the barriers that you don’t even know you have in your way. 

It is her latest book that really highlights the ways in which we can improve our lives in every area and it honestly has changed the way I adult! Radical Self Belief – Adulting the Rally
Of Life
is a workbook for a better life to help you break up with overwhelm for good and truly achieve your own version of sustainable success.

It guides you through the maze of modern-day overwhelm and offers a simple and easy way to live your fullest and most successful life. The book doesn’t brag but allows the reader to
be the star of the story with breakout sections to write your own story. 

Radical Self Belief delivers what it promises: an essential step-by-step roadmap for leaders to reignite confidence, connection and contribution and overcome overwhelm – to get back in the driver’s seat. 

So with pedal to the metal, I made my way through the 7 checkpoints in the book which conclude with a worksheet to dig deeper into our individual rally and pit stops. Real life stories and experiences from corporate leaders to athletes from around the world help to get your engine started. 

You don’t read the book – you DO the book! The framework of Radical Self Belief is what will help you to navigate everyday situations in business and personal life. 

Nikki has been working on this book for the past decade taking her extensive learnings from her 25-year career coaching high level leaders, entrepreneurs and elite athletes. 

Moving through the epidemic of overwhelm is made easier with the knowledge and practices you will take from this book. 

“Overwhelm affects us in different ways personally and professionally, so being able to recognise it is vital,” Nikki says. “Then we can seek out and invest in the tools to ensure we can remain on track and in the ‘driver’s seat’ of our own lives. 

Radical Self Belief is not just some gimmicky book title, it’s literally what we need to achieve sustainable success moving forward and build a strong foundation for connection, happiness and collaboration in today’s modern landscape.” 

The foreword in the book is written by KPMG National Managing Partner James Hunter who says “Making your values-based decisions takes courage, self-confidence and a moral compass you need to possess and need to leverage.

“Nikki’s book will help you understand the path from chaos to calm and regain your confidence to truly achieve your full potential,” he said.

I concur Mr Hunter, Nikki’s book made me reassess my vital ingredients and prioritise my days. It has given me the courage and confidence to recognise overwhelm and kick it to the curb. 

The result is a more balanced version of me and one that has replaced the need to overachieve and strive with enjoying my journey and thriving! 

One of my favourite moments in the book was reading one simple sentence: “to look at the options, always know there is a solution and replace fear with curiosity.” 

I don’t feel scared of future challenges now as I’ll be viewing them as curious situations that require a change in my perspective from passengers’ seat to driver’s seat. 

Radical Self Belief IS the vital ingredient to a successful 2022. To coincide with the launch of of her book Nikki has also released a fresh new-look series of her chart topping Radical Self Belief – The Mojo Maker Podcast, known as the go-to for providing tips and tools in truly creating the life you want. 

There is also a 12-week online coaching program for both individuals and corporate teams. 

Nikki said she was proud to release a body of work which she knows is going to have a positive impact for those that read and listen to it.

“Never has there been a more important time to take such positive steps forward as the leaders of our own lives, empowering people to ‘put on their own oxygen masks first’ so that they can continue to serve themselves, and the people around them in the way they deserve,” she said. 

“I firmly believe that no (entrepreneurial) life or any kind of life should be filled with anxiety, overwhelm and depression. You do not need to accept that as the flip side of success.”

Radical Self Belief – Adulting The Rally Of Life is the third title by Nikki following the wildly successful releases of Fitpreneur and Vitality. 

It is available from Booktopia, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or grab a copy signed by Nikki from her website:

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