New Life for Night Life at Stay Elite’s Healthy Nightclub

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The industries of self-care and clubbing couldn’t be more mutually exclusive – or so we thought. Georgia Beard reveals Jakki Goodall’s refreshing experience at the launch of The Healthy Nightclub, Stay Elite’s new wellness-based alternative to a night out.

On Saturday night, we know the drill – the work week has wrapped up, the sun goes down and hordes of Aussie 20-somethings plunge into a heady haze of pulsing beats, bright lights and sweaty bodies.

This much-loved nightclub scene has cemented itself in our culture as an all-in-one distraction, stimulant and rendezvous for the work-weary wanderers and the pleasure-seeking socialites.

But a night out only offers us temporary bliss. Party hard, and the aftermath leaves you with a disrupted sleep schedule, a hangover and health effects that hang around in the long-term.

Not everyone believes a night out is worth the harmful consequences, though. As young people develop an appreciation for wellness and self-care practices, they’re staying out of the clubs and pub crawls. For them, a night out makes health – not hedonism – the priority.

Curious to discover what a wellness-based shindig would look like, we sent our Business Development Manager Jakki Goodall to the launch of Stay Elite’s new Healthy Nightclub on Saturday 15 October.

The first of its kind on the Sunshine Coast, the Healthy Nightclub gives new life to night life. Rather than a hazy club floor on Ocean Street, the party went down in Stay Elite’s wellness hub of steam, saunas and float therapy. Bartenders swapped alcohol for herbal shots and cocktails and partygoers opted for meaningful connections over short-lived flings.

The Healthy Nightclub surpassed all Jakki’s expectations – even before she arrived! A girl squad’s pre-party ritual usually involves emptying the wardrobe for clubwear and crowding the bathroom to apply bold make-up looks. But this time, Jakki and her bestie delighted in a new routine – lasering and tanning, donning beachwear and kaftans and leaving their faces bare.

Like everyone else dipping their toes into this new experience, Jakki entered Stay Elite with nervous anticipation. She was met with an intimate network of wellness spaces livened up with disco lights and electrifying rave music.

Passing float tank, massage and steam facilities, the party gathered in the central room for Ice Baths and showers, surrounded by the Finnish Dry Sauna and Turkish Steam Bath – the unofficial dance floor! Beyond, people lined up and mingled at the bar in true nightclub fashion.

They sipped ceremonial cacao infusions from The Medicine Room, Stay Elite Cosmos cosmopolitans, Pineal Calados, Blue Lotus Happy Dance herbal shots and Super Berry Berry Nice adrenal shots – all healthy and non-alcoholic.

“Everybody was there to socialise, try the facilities and have a good time,” Jakki said.

“There were pockets of conversation everywhere. At the same time, people sat with their eyes closed and relaxed. It was a really social, respectful environment.”

After settling in, Jakki ventured out into the facilities. The ice bath is the treatment she’ll remember most, activating her blood cells in the cold shock to soothe and repair muscle tissue.

Stay Elite had positioned the ice baths in the centre of the dance floor, prompting a cascade of encouragement from the partygoers whenever someone took the bitter plunge.

Jakki found this lively attitude to body care surprisingly refreshing. The Healthy Nightclub transformed the silent, meditative ambience of wellness treatments into an energising social experience.

With strobing lights, pumping tunes and banter between guests, no one had to suffer the awkwardness of sharing a sauna with a stranger. Conversation flowed freely and guests embraced wellness treatments as shared experiences.

Stay Elite has redefined the once-incompatible cultures of self-care and clubbing, blending both to restore the mind, body and community.

“What I’m looking forward to now is introducing more people to it,” Jakki said.

“The more my own friendship group goes along, the better my experience is and the more options we have for socialising.”

After such a successful launch, we’re desperate for more nights like this from Stay Elite. Next time Jakki ends her work week at the Healthy Nightclub, the whole Hello Sunshine team will be there too!


Immerse yourself in Stay Elite’s next Healthy Nightclub event. The theme? DISCO!

Keep an eye on their Instagram and Facebook for more details!

When: Saturday 19 November, 6.30pm – 8pm

Where: 26 Main Drive, Bokarina

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