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The Wonky Loaf might be famous for its delicious slow-fermented sourdough, but the team at this artisan bakery add equal spoonfuls of love and care into every item on their menu – hand-crafting their own sauces, smoked meats and everything in-between, discovers Rebecca Jamieson Dwyer.

Fresh croissants decorated with dollops of jam; Reuben toasties positively bursting with pastrami; apple turnovers with a sensational spiced apple filling – if you can see it inside the cabinets at boutique sourdough bakery The Wonky Loaf in the quiet suburban area of Kuluin, you can be 100% confident it’s made from a sourdough base – and mostly made from scratch.

“Our Smoked Potato, Cheddar and Caramelised Onion Loaf is a great example of this – we smoke the potatoes in-house as opposed to using a liquid smoke,” explains Marketing Manager Sophie Spencer. “We know we could save immense amounts of time if we chose the easier option, but we’re committed to always maintaining the highest possible quality across the board.”

For the team at The Wonky Loaf, controlling the entire process – from raw ingredient through to finished product – means they can confidently offer customers baked goods that aren’t just delicious, but also better for them.

“It’s about trust and wellbeing; making everything inhouse, especially from our sourdough, ensures we prioritise your health,” Sophie says.

“We believe in transparency, and sharing our process so you can feel good about what you’re enjoying. It’s more than baking; it’s a promise to provide wholesome, delicious treats that nourish both your body and your tastebuds.”

This food philosophy extends to the goodies found in their freezer section which offers busy families a nourishing way to breeze through weeknight dinners.

“We’ve got our family-sized pies that come in Beef Stroganoff, Chicken, Bacon and Corn, and Peachester Lamb Massaman, as well as our Veggie Samosa,” Sophie says.

“Our party-sized sausage rolls are back by popular demand, and we’ve got a four-pack of pizza bases for pizza nights with pizazz.”

Meanwhile, the fridge offers up a smorgasbord of condiments and other delights: “Treat yourself to our herbed butter, truffle butter, or a zesty Smokey Hot Sauce butter with a kick from The Village Pickle hot sauce,” Sophie adds. “Or try our red onion jam and piccalilli, both perfect for jazzing up your cheese boards or sandwiches.”

Recent renovations mean The Wonky Loaf is looking prettier than ever, with stunning dusky pink tiles and brass accents inside, and a special pastel-toned mural in the leafy outdoor area by local artist Em Niwa.

“We’ve had an incredible response from customers about our renovations,” Sophie says. “It’s fair to say that The Wonky Loaf is oozing in good energy indoors and out, and is a space you just want to be in!”

The café now uses stunning Australian-made Robert Gordon crockery in earthy tones for all its food and drinks, sparking joy with every sip and serve. And the popular new retail area stocks a curated selection of local loveliness, including Katy-Lea gift cards, RITU pulse point rollers, Collective Rituals perfumes and aura sprays, Obi Obi olive oil, Suzie June chocolate powder and chai, fresh flower bouquets from Sophie’s parents every Saturday and piccolo cups from Made by Mudra!

Their commitment to creating a warm, welcoming space is extended into The Wonky Loaf’s in-store connection initiatives, including a pay-it-forward system where you can treat a stranger to a coffee to brighten their day, and the deck of conversation cards on the communal table encourages customers to put down their phones and truly engage with the people around them.

“They’re prompts to strike up a chat – with friends, our kind-hearted staff, or maybe even a friendly stranger. Because in our space, it’s not just about the food, it’s about the connections we create too!” Sophie says.

Fans of all things wonky can sign up to the bakery’s e-newsletter to stay up to date with exciting news and product releases – just head to their website and pop in your details to stay in the loop, including details of the exclusive Christmas range they’ve got bubbling away.

When it comes to slow-fermenting food, the unhurried process allows the flavours to fully mature and develop – and the same could be said for The Wonky Loaf as the business matures and grows into its next exciting phase. We can’t wait to see it rise!

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