Out with the New and In with the Old

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Antiques and Possibilities unearths exclusive treasures from the past, whether they be Regency settees or Art Deco cocktail bars. We spoke with Manager Mark Kerr, the tradie-turned-antiquarian, to discover what’s possible when adorning your modern home with vintage furniture and décor.

Mark Kerr, manager from Antiques and Possibilities tells all in this exclusive Q&A

How did land the role at Antiques & Possibilities? 

Our business was born mainly through COVID. I used to travel two months of the year doing other work, and that wasn’t available anymore. So, this was a new opportunity. 

It’s a funny story. I’m from a construction background, and when we found the shop, we had to do a bit of a fit-out. I ended up fixing the floors, so I came in and got a floor grinder and grinded all the glue off the floors and put some clear coat sealer on it, and then the owner said, “I think you should be the manager.” And that’s pretty much it. 

What do you love most about your job?

I love meeting people. You never know who’s going to walk through the front door and what they’re going to ask for. And I love the stock. I often say, I grew up drinking beer out of a plastic cup and whisky out of cans so it’s new to me to appreciate drinking champagne or a nice wine, out of a beautiful cup, a crystal glass or a silver goblet. It creates a whole new experience to drinking rather than just ‘getting on the beers’ as such. 

How would you describe your personal style and how it translates to your business?

I do enjoy clean lines and I do like the whites. I love having an area which might be white and sharp, but also incorporating one or two pieces of older furniture to add a little more character and get rid of that clinical-ness. It could be adding a beautiful chair, a desk or adding a beautiful vase as a centrepiece to a table to take that edge off the whiteness.

We’ve got a Louis XV revival desk in here at the moment, which is just amazing.   

What inspires you to work with antiques and rare furniture? 

We have furniture from all over the world, we have jewellery from all over the world. We do cater for the antique enthusiast or the jewellery lover or the lover of art. 

You really get an appreciation of things which have an elegance to them and which a lot of people haven’t even been exposed to nowadays.

What is your most popular product?

The jewellery has been very popular, and we’re probably going to double the size of our jewellery in store by the end of October. 

We’ve sold a lot of French chaises. People may have ocean views or beautiful hinterland views which is perfect to set up the chaise and relax with a cup of tea and read a good book or magazine. 

What are some of the elements that set your business apart? 

Sadly, there aren’t many antique stores left on the Coast. 

We are called Antiques and Possibilities because we have things in here which can create a whole new possibility for people if they’re willing to choose it and allow themselves to buy something which is different. It’s not mass-produced. It’s something that’s one of a kind.

What can we expect to see in the future of your range? 

We always have glassware coming in, whether it be beautiful vases, expertly-etched wine glasses or champagne flutes. We seem to be getting more Murano glassware from Venice and we have lovely handmade tumblers for drinking. 

What would you say to someone who is interested in antique furniture but doesn’t know how to go about styling?

Come in and have a chat with us. 

If you’ve got plans or photos of areas which you’d like to furnish, bring them in as they can help us make suggestions. 

You’re only one choice away from creating a greater possibility, whether that’s something for yourself or for your home or for your office. And what’s the worst thing that can happen? You purchase it, it doesn’t work, and we give you a store credit until you find something else. 

What is your go-to item to make any room come alive? 

A rug. I know there are a lot of homes on the Coast which have tiles and timber floors. I’m not a huge fan of carpets myself, but when you add a rug to a floor, it makes it feel more homely and can bring a room alive.

What styling advice do you have? 

Nowadays, there are so many ideals which we think we have to be and do. Just think, ‘What’s fun for me? What would make my home more joyful to be in?

What do you love about being on the Sunshine Coast?’

Anyone who’s ever been to the Sunshine Coast or seen photos of it knows how amazing this place actually is – from the beautiful beaches we’ve got, or out to the hinterland. 

The relaxed atmosphere and the enjoyment of being able to get outside and take in the earth. I’ve travelled pretty extensively in the last three years, but this is the place I love. 

Fave Five

Fave Drink: Moscow mule.

Fave Food: Steak – or Italian! 

Fave Colour: Blue.

Fave Saying: What else is possible? 

Fave Style/Design Accessory: I love old, Italian, gold, gilded mirrors. I think they look beautiful. 

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