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Pop the Champagne: In Noosa Celebrates

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We’re celebrating six years of IN Noosa! And as Ingrid Nelson discovers, we’re about to add to the family.

Who says print is dead? Not us! We’ve shared 2,332 pages and 317,000 printed copies of IN Noosa Magazine since our inaugural Spring 2014 launch and we are still INforming, INdulging and INspiring our readers through stories that matter. 

“Print isn’t dead, it just needs to be relevant, inspiring and authentic to its business market and its readers,” says Editor-in-Chief, Deb Caruso.

“Our little lifestyle publication, with about 66,000 copies printed per year and 648 pages in the past twelve months is not only surviving but thriving!” 

A passionate team driven to shine a spotlight on our quiet achievers, unearth our hidden gems, and help build and support local businesses, we are more than just a magazine, we are an integral part of the Noosa community.

“We actually care about our readers and know who they are and what they seek by way of informative and engaging editorial. They love Noosa, whether they live, work or play here and look to us as a trusted resource and authentic guide to what’s happening, where to eat, what to do and how to support local businesses.”

With a focus on homegrown style, substance and showcasing the real Noosa, IN Noosa Magazine is the antidote to a world that is increasingly “plastic”.

Despite the challenges of the past few months, we have continued to be thoroughly engaged in the community and are proud to be the only Sunshine Coast publication to deliver a magazine during the COVID-19 recovery period. 

“We took less than three weeks to pull together The IN Noosa Guide in what would normally take us 10 weeks,” she said. “The key driver was to promote our region and to inform and inspire our readers to support the local businesses through those challenging times.

“It was a big ask but we had an overwhelming response from local businesses wanting to promote that they were open for business and from readers who were seeking information on where to go and what to do. The support from Tourism Noosa and the response from readers and clients for the special edition was overwhelming.”

Complementing our beautiful printed magazine, our online presence, utilising channels such as our digital magazine, social media, enewsletter and Conversations IN Noosa podcast ensures
our continued presence in the community all year round.

And … drum roll please … we love what we do so much, we are excited to announce the addition of another member to the IN Noosa family! Say hello to Hello Sunshine! Savvy, Surprising, Spirited: a magazine for the Sunshine Coast will hit the streets later this year. 

Deb said while we remain totally committed to the Noosa community and continuing to grow IN Noosa, it made smart business sense to scale the business to incorporate another publication.

“We are proud to be expanding our business and creating new employment opportunities, particularly during these challenging times and to do so without having received any external funding or support but from running a smart and accountable business,” she said.

“While it has been a twinkle in our eye for some time, we have been waiting for the right time – and the right team! Despite the challenging times in which we currently live, we believe a little sunshine is needed now, more than ever, to connect the community through storytelling.”

Modelled on the well-established, successful and award-winning IN Noosa Magazine, Hello Sunshine will be all about connecting and creating a community and it will be more than a magazine, with a strong digital presence, partnerships with key events and organisations, podcasts and events and activations.

“As per the IN Noosa model, our proud and passionate team of locals will work with the community to help build up local businesses, support local events and initiatives and create community connections with a dedicated lifestyle magazine,” she said. 

“Don’t worry, IN Noosa Magazine isn’t going anywhere and we remain committed more than ever to INform! INdulge! and INspire! our readers and community! 

We are so grateful for all the amazing businesses that have supported us and the ridiculously talented and passionate people who have worked with us over the past six years.”

Here’s to many more!


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A journalist for more than 20 years, Ingrid has worked across all mediums, eventually finding her niche as a feature writer. Cutting her teeth as young television reporter, she quickly moved through the ranks before joining a high-profile Brisbane magazine. She moved to the Sunshine Coast with her husband and three children in 2007 and has spent the last eight years working in publishing. She is thrilled to join the clever and creative team at IN Noosa Magazine.

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