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Although surviving for centuries without science, question or intervention, native ingredients are only starting to be appreciated for the natural richness they can bring. Deb Caruso discovers how Ochre Sun honours its past while serving the future. 

Ochre Sun founder Alana Kennedy is a force to behold. This proud Waanyi Kalkatungu woman from North Queensland is developing a skincare range that not only services the user, but builds stronger communities and connections to land in the process.

Through Ochre Sun, Alana not only challenges the chemically enhanced range of sunscreens on offer but honours the past and presents a future for First Nations women in crisis.

Her unique model taps into the ancient knowledge and wisdom of her Ancestor’s Spirits, Apicals and Elders to share ancient rhythms and preordained practices that focus on whole of health, physically, spiritually, psychologically and emotionally.

Using native botanicals as the key ingredients in her products, Alana chooses to engage First Nations’ women, many of whom are escaping domestic violence, to provide a brighter future.

Alana says allowing women to connect with country and respectfully harvest the botanicals used in the Ochre Sun products provides them with meaningful employment and a brighter future.

“Further to this, we are working on a circular program to build sustainable housing for women escaping domestic violence and in the process, allowing them to build a new career through meaningful employment,” she said. 

“The Ochre Sun vision has providence and significance in Aboriginal Culture and the multi-tasking sunscreen revolutionises skin protection with native botanicals, extracting a rich history of holistic defences against our climate’s harsh conditions. 

“This is the greatest redemption story about how we endow purposefully to care for ourselves and honour our country. Our model allows your brand investment to positively change lives.

“We are providing a platform for women to step into the circle of acceptance and powerfully share their story as it is, and the gift is the botanicals they have to offer the world.

“Our hope is to encourage other women to come together in a spirit of unity and share in the healing power of sacred remedies under grace.”

At the core of Ochre Sun’s values are ‘Ingredients, Permission, and Providence’, which Alana says hold great importance “along with Respect, Resilience, and Tenacity”.

“For centuries, women from matriarchal lines have been nurturing the land and its vital components to bring forth the pure power of botanicals, which we are now offering as a precious gift to the world,” Alana said. 

“These botanicals were crafted exclusively by the Creator for your benefit, offering complete body restoration through the purest of natural elements.

“Across time,  Aboriginal Women have united to impart spiritual ingenuity and deliver the world’s most enduring and exceptional selection of skincare and personal care products, which are tailored exclusively for women, by women. 

“These products are carefully crafted with a deep understanding of the specific healing properties of each botanical ingredient, ensuring they serve their intended purpose for the body. 

“We are intentionally driving integrity and co-collaboration of stewardship to produce global recognition in using Cultural botanicals to create a range of products using traditional Aboriginal processing methods and bush medicine knowledge.

“When used by consumers they clothe themselves with Country.”

The Ochre Sun supply chain is committed to preserving the authenticity of the plant by following the protocols of Aboriginal Culture. Alana said the product formulation boasted the finest and most resilient ingredients sourced directly from Elders on Country. 

“The Kakadu Plum is one of our leading ingredients and boasts an impressive capability to shield itself from the relentless and extreme sunlight it endures,” she said. “Through its development of robust antioxidant molecules, it has established a formidable self-defence mechanism that wards off UV radiation. 

“As a consequence of this system, the Kakadu Plum has become a rich source of essential nutrients and a botanical superfood.”

This winter skincare essential is a powerhouse of benefits. Supporting collagen, hydration, and firmness, while offering potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It effectively repairs barrier function, promoting radiance, luminosity and glow. With its versatile capabilities, it addresses hyperpigmentation, exfoliates, and aids in wound and scarring repair, while regulating sebum production. 

Alana said Kakadu Plum was truly a must-have ingredient that tackled a variety of skincare concerns as it was designed to do. 

“Kakadu Plum has the highest recorded levels of natural Vitamin C in the world and although your body requires vitamin C year-round, it is especially beneficial during the winter months,” she said. “This essential nutrient helps to combat dull, pale winter skin and supports your skin’s resilience throughout the season.”

The other main ingredient in the botanical blend was ‘Old Man Weed’ or Sneezeweed as it is sometimes referred to.

“It has many benefits for your skin such as hydration, collagen support, protection against damage, exfoliation, and promoting radiance and glow,” she said. 

“It can also condition and moisturize your skin with a natural tint and is designed to achieve a healthy, glowing skin.

“This potent and authentic combination is part of preordained rituals to support skin health and quality of life for community.”

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