Shaping the Future of Wellness at Body Transformation Institute

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Bec Marshall discovers the region’s first holistic medi-aesthetic clinic offering ‘biohacking’ tech and body rejuvenation treatments that can transform your health, inside and out.

The Body Transformation Institute (BTI) is here to shake up the future of wellness by pioneering new technology and a holistic approach to body rejuvenation – with locals set to become the biohacking beneficiaries.

‘Biohacking’, also described as body optimisation, describes the actions people can take to hack their own biology for enhanced memory, energy, focus, performance and overall wellness.

Examples include fasting, meditation, ozone saunas, supplements and wearable tech to promote healthier habits – and business is booming globally with Fact.MR reporting a compound annual growth rate of 24% and a forecast industry value of US$242 billion by 2033!

Trent Banyan is BTI’s General Manager as well as a holistic health practitioner and qualified acupuncture therapist known for co-creating the Chi Hub.

This new venture, BTI, is a rebrand of a non-surgical weight loss clinic that ran successfully in Canberra under Suzie Heath and Danni and Jess Rustenburg.

The trio have swapped chilly Canberra for the Sunshine Coast and brought in Trent’s specialised skills in holistic therapies to offer something truly unique.

“We are merging two worlds,” Jess, BTI’s Social Media Specialist, says. “We have taken Total Body Contouring that worked really well for a number of years in Canberra, moved to the Coast and expanded into the holistic side of things.

“My sister Danni is our Head of Therapies – she’s a skin specialist and our lead trainer; Suzie (our mum) is our Chief Innovation Officer and a former nurse who uses her global contacts, research and knowledge to find the most technologically-advanced treatments.

“While our offer may seem broad, we realised that we have the same vision of overall wellness; whether that’s through body confidence, healing, self-love or general health and wellbeing.

“We truly want to help people and we want them to feel good through a total transformation that is more than just aesthetic. We have seen people have life-altering experiences.”

Jess credits the TeslaChair as one of the life changing treatments for clients.

“We have had people crying because they’ve been incontinent for years and they’ve regained muscle strength,” she said. “It’s amazing the confidence and quality of life that is restored.”

Trent says BTI has been a year in the making and he was excited to bring this ‘whole person’ offering to the Coast.

“Being an acupuncturist and holistic health practitioner, I look at all areas of a person’s life, not just one thing,” he said. “It’s about supporting people on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; to achieve the best results. A lot of our services cross over, and so the treatments go hand in hand.”

The team is proud of their considerable investment in a large range of cutting-edge equipment, sourced through extensive research and all supported by consistent results from clinical trials and TGA and FDA registered.

“We have advanced, world-leading technology and devices that are among the most innovative machines available to the public,” Trent says.

“From infrared light therapy to a hyperbaric chamber; and a HOCATT biohacking machine. We also offer skin and body treatments and services such as skin resurfacing, cosmetic acupuncture, body sculpting and fat freezing, muscle functioning treatments for people with atrophy and incontinence, and ozone therapy which increases oxygen in the body to help with inflammation, blood circulation, vascular injuries, detoxing, wound healing and long-term illnesses.

“It’s great for athletes but accessible to everyone with no pain and all gain to deliver an optimal way of living that enhances body, mind and soul.

“Everything we do is non-invasive. There’s no body-toxic fillers or invasive surgery, yet we deliver permanent results. Fat freezing, for example, results in 40–95% fat reduction and can prevent liposuction surgery. You can come in during a lunchbreak, have a treatment and go back to work.”

Jess, who is also mum to seven-month-old Lylah, says: “We want to be able to offer affordable health and wellness in the most holistic and beneficial way possible; for longer-lasting benefits, not quick fixes.

“I’m excited to offer the community these services to support people on their health journey. Everyone should have access to these treatments and technologies.

“It’s everything I want for myself, for Lylah, for the world.”

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