St Andrew’s Anglican College: Making Senior School Count

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When it comes to schooling, a lot can be accomplished in the senior years. Melanie Rosettenstein discovers how more and more families are enrolling their kids at St Andrew’s Anglican College for their final few years of high school – and the amazing opportunities that can be accessed there.

As they transition into their final years of senior school, many kids start to dream big about their future. Whether it’s excelling at sport or music, being awarded a place at university, or starting their own business, these years are truly formative and will help them grow into the person they’ve always wanted to be.

St Andrew’s Anglican College in Peregian Springs has proven to be a popular choice for student enrolments for Years 10 and 11 with this uptick attributed to parents recognising the College’s commitment to academic excellence, as well as its exceptional co-curricular programs, and service initiatives.

Additionally, the College’s tailored learning options, extensive elective choices, and robust support system are highly valued as they prepare students for their future endeavors.

Millie Eldridge is a great example of how supportive the St Andrew’s program is after her family relocated from Melbourne to Coolum when she was in Grade 10.

Navigating such a big change was initially daunting but it didn’t take long for her to find her feet and she is now thriving as the Year 12 School Captain.

When her parents moved, Millie originally decided to stay at her boarding school in Victoria but after an interview with the school, she decided perhaps it was time for a change.

“In my online interview with Mr Piper we chatted about what the moving process would be, and I thought maybe a change to build up some resilience would be exciting,” Millie said.

She decided to change schools in time to start Year 10 and even though she knew no one else at the school, she has never looked back.

“St Andrew’s is a very welcoming school,” Millie said. “On my first day there were some buddies already set up for me and I was welcomed into a mentor group which I’ve been in ever since. This really helped me to settle in.”

When asked about what she loves about school, Millie bubbles over with enthusiasm. “I love all the amazing opportunities,” she said.

“As soon as I arrived I got involved in sports, and because St Andrew’s has social sports teams, even if you aren’t good at something, you can still get involved.

“For academics, there are so many extra tutorials you can do with the teachers if you need to.

“I think these things are important because not all schools give you all these opportunities straight away. St Andrew’s brings them to you and it’s easy to get involved.”

Millie settled in so well at St Andrew’s that, after 14 months of being there, she was able to fulfil her dream of becoming school captain, despite being so new to the school. Millie has multiple interests in and outside of school and admits she currently doesn’t have a free night.

She coaches and plays netball, plays social soccer for a laugh and a kick with her school friends, tutors five children in her spare time, successfully completed the Kokoda 30km trail earlier this year and works in a restaurant.

Looking to the future, Millie says that after school she hopes to travel to Europe and visit family in the UK, followed by a ski season in Japan before returning to Australia to study physiotherapy or medicine.

To prepare her for this brave new world Millie said St Andrew’s had an amazing careers advisor.

“All I have to do is book a session with Mr Stewart and we go over opportunities and where and how to apply,” she said.

“This process isn’t just left to the students and parents to navigate alone.”

Millie is a shining example of the personalised teaching and learning principles adopted at St Andrew’s Anglican College.

The school is well-known for taking the time to truly understand students’ background, goals, and aspirations and how they can be supported both academically and pastorally in order to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Deputy Principal, Head of Teaching, Learning and Operations Maggi Gunn said that in Years 10, 11 and 12, students are offered a broad curriculum that will assist them to identify their passions and strengths and find those pathways to university, TAFE, and the workforce.

Beyond the classroom, St Andrew’s is preparing its students for multiple careers and changes which brings into focus their efforts to ensure they have the capacity to grow, change and adapt.

“There is rigour and high expectations in our academic offering and beyond the classroom in our co-curricular opportunities, outdoor education offering, leadership programs and global learning opportunities,” Maggi says.

“But we also have a common theme of building personal capacity in our students, so they have the resources and skills to adapt and be resilient in a constantly changing environment.”

If the effervescent Millie is an example to go by, the future is certainly bright for students starting their senior years at St Andrew’s Anglican College.

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