Summer Sizzlers with Silo Wholefoods and Greensmith Grocers

Image source: Photographer Megan Gill

Get the new year off to a good start with  these organic goodies that will soothe your mind, satisfy your tummy and pamper your body.

Sometimes it takes the most bitesize shifts in our routines to cultivate transformation. Resolving to refresh our bodies, minds and relationships, two local grocers have packaged the lifestyle products we can’t go without for a sensational summer.


Summer is all about indulging in the most responsible and delightful way! Choose divine products that nurture your body, mind and soul and leave you feeling good, inside and out.

Offaly Good Pâté

Sustainably sourced, nutrient-dense and Offaly Good – this is one handmade pâté your picnic can’t go without. Try Organic Chicken, Smoked Salmon, Shiitake, and Mussel pâtés rich with flavour and nourishment. 

Anna Park Yerba Maté 

Made from the leaves of a South American evergreen tree, the Ilex paraguariensis, a member of the holly family (how festive!).

Its leaves produce a beverage which is naturally caffeinated and full of essential vitamins, and minerals, and other natural compounds which boost your immunity, physical stamina, metabolism and cellular health.

Noosa Basics Hand Cream & Body Butter

Hydrate and nourish the skin with organic apothecary based in Noosa and using high quality (and yummy!) botanical ingredients. Certified Vegan, cruelty free and Palm oil free with no additives, fillers or thickeners for a better planet and a better you!


Summer is a time to think divine – from foods that make you feel good and snack wisely; to supplements to help balance out any over-indulgences! Essential oils and mists are a perfect pick-me-up (or calm-me-down) if the silly season gets, well a little too silly!


Start your morning cleanse with Woodfloria’s Yoga Love Essential Oil and Mist. Frankincense, lemongrass, patchouli, black pepper, basil and fragonia blend to clear and align your energy centres. Made locally in Woodford!

Biogenesis Chlorella

Single-cell freshwater algae harvested from the Great Barrier Reef, Chlorella from Biogenesis supports immunity, detoxification, tissue repair, heart health and more. Blend into the perfect pre-workout drink or supplement with tablets!

House of Salsa Dips

Authentic and hand-made from their local salsaria, House of Salsa Original, Smokin’, Green and Hawt dips are the quintessential crowd-pleasers for summer entertaining. Pick up a bag of Greensmith’s La Tortilleria Tortilla Chips and get dipping!

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