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As we start a new year, Nikki Fogden-Moore aka The Mojo Maker shares her seven checkpoints for Sustainable Success and how to break up with overwhelm and find your glide in work and life.

Sustainable success is a term that’s thrown around a lot in the world of business and personal development. But what does it really mean?  

At its core, sustainable success is about achieving long-term growth and fulfilment without sacrificing your health, relationships, or personal values. 

It’s about building a life and career that you can sustain over the long haul, without burning out or losing sight of what’s truly important. 

The result? Radical focus, happiness and a true sense of self belief.

How can you ensure that you’re on the path to sustainable success? 

Here are seven key checkpoints to keep in mind:

Clarity of purpose – What does ‘great’ look like?

1. To achieve sustainable success, you need to have a clear sense of your purpose and values. What drives you? What do you stand for? What are your long-term goals and how do you want your days and weeks to look? 

Having clarity around these questions will help you stay focused on what matters most, and make better decisions that align with your values and aspirations. 


2. Self-awareness is the foundation of sustainable success. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, your habits and tendencies, and how you react to different situations. 

Our ego is not our amigo. What we think about we bring about. 

Most of the time we operate out of subconscious patterns:  fear, lack, blame or guilt. However when you’re self-aware, you can identify those triggers and learn to shift where you make decisions from, areas where you need to grow and develop, and ultimately take steps to improve your performance and effectiveness.

Resilience and Agility

3. Building a sustainable career, a happy life, health and business requires resilience. You’ll face setbacks, challenges, and obstacles along the way, and it’s important to be able to bounce back from these experiences and keep moving forward. 

This builds resilience. The agility comes from having a growth mindset, being adaptable and having a strong support network that can help you through tough times. It’s not what happens to us, it’s what we do in response that matters most. 

Continuous learning – stay curious

4. To sustain success over the long term, you need to be a lifelong learner. This means seeking out new knowledge and skills, being open minded and allowing your own life and lifestyle to evolve with a fresh perspective. Continuous learning helps you stay grounded and adaptable in a constantly changing world. This builds confidence, connection and adaptability. 

Balance – work/life blend

5. Sustainable success is not just about achieving professional goals—it’s also about finding balance and fulfillment in your personal life. This means prioritising your health, relationships, and wellbeing alongside your career aspirations. Creating a lifestyle that supports your goals and allows you to thrive in all areas of your life.

Purposeful action – Winning Weeks© and masterful months. 

6. To achieve sustainable success, you need to take purposeful action towards your goals. Define what your ‘great’ looks like then set 90 day milestones that are real time, relevant to you and resonate (i.e. you really want to achieve them). Setting clear objectives, creating a plan of action, and staying focused on the tasks that will move you closer to your desired outcomes. It also means being willing to take risks and make bold moves when necessary, while staying true to your values and purpose.

Accountability – Life has no remote.

7. Finally, sustainable success requires accountability. You are in the driver’s seat of your own life. This means taking responsibility for your actions and outcomes, and holding yourself to a high standard of performance and integrity. It also means seeking out support and guidance from mentors, coaches, or peers who can help you stay on track and hold you accountable to your goals.

We know all this – the key is to apply this knowledge.

Sustainable success is about embracing the rally of life instead of expecting perfection. A life and career that you can sustain over the long haul, without sacrificing your health, relationships, or personal values. Defining what great looks like and being willing to step up and put the action in week on week to make that your reality.

By focusing on these seven checkpoints—clarity of purpose, self-awareness, resilience, continuous learning, balance, purposeful action, and accountability—you can build a foundation for sustainable success that will serve you well in all areas of life. 

Remember, success is not just about achieving your goals—it’s also about living a life that you’re proud of, and that brings you joy and fulfilment no matter what the conditions.

Nikki Fogden-Moore is an award winning global coach and author. Founder of the Boardroom Retreat©, The Legacy Lunch© Series and The Mojo Maker Academy she works and lives on the Sunshine Coast for over a decade. To get the free worksheets for Winning Weeks© and 90 Day plan sign up to Monday Mojo© on the website. For information on coaching, retreats and online courses, visit


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