Symbolic Stories at Avenue J

Image source: Photographer Megan Gill

Name: Sue Gaylard

Business: Avenue J

How did your business begin?

After 15 years working in the iconic and Heritage-listed Brisbane Arcade, managing one of Brisbane’s well-known and loved antique jewellery shops I decided to move back to the Sunshine Coast, following my heart. 

This led me back into doing what I love the most – seeking out stunning jewellery for people who love quality
and uniqueness in the style that defines their personality. 

Avenue J Jewellery has been constantly expanding over the past eight years seeking out and offering beautiful bespoke jewellery to keep our clientele enthralled at the range of jewellery we can offer. 

What do you love about your business? 

The interaction with clients when discussing the antiques and the stories that come to life are so fascinating. It is so rewarding when you see the delight on their face upon hearing the history, stories and meaning of each individual piece of jewellery.

How would you describe the Avenue J aesthetic?

Inviting, intriguing, open, fresh, personal, classic, unique, extensive, quality and simply beautiful.

How would you describe your clients?

Anyone who loves items of beauty and quality – whether they be modern or antique. We have now become a true destination experience, with many collectors knowing that we have an enormous variety and collections that any of our contemporaries in the bigger cities would love to have. Our clients also appreciate receiving the best personal service in our beautiful shop.

Tell us about the lovely family memory that inspires some of your stock purchases?

One of my early memories is of my mother doing her China painting – she always signed with the tiny blue “Forget-me-not” flower.  It started a lifelong collection of items that have the Forget-me-not: from jewellery, to photo frames, mirrors and cards, to name a few. The Forget-me-not represents: I will not forget you, do not forget me, true love, memories, remembrance. Its verse has been found throughout history in Italian, Spanish, German, French and English dating back to 1398 and earlier. The French version “Ne m’oublie pas” was said to be the last words of a knight walking by a river bank with his maiden as he fell into the river whilst leaning over to pick her a bunch of Forget-me-nots.

The story behind the antique pieces also inspires my purchasing. It’s quality and uniqueness which leads to real connection with like-minded clients. 

With modern design I look for beautiful creations and we are also one of the few recognised pink diamond stockists in Australia.

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