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Much like fashion, exercise routines must be the right fit. Carlie Wacker measures up the newest fitness revolution and finds the family behind it have sewn up with a very tight community in Coolum that love working out together.

Escaping the hustle of big city living to the Sunshine Coast was a dream come true for the Pride family. Matthew, Leonie and their kids made the bold move just as the pandemic hit the country and although the beginnings were tough, they were committed to their sea change. 

Strength and hard work have resulted in them cementing themselves as the fit fam of Coolum and the community they have built around their business is one you will all want to embrace. 

Originally from Sydney where they ran a very successful F45 studio in Chippendale, Matt was yearning for a change as the kids got a little older. The call of the ocean had him thinking the Sunshine Coast would be the perfect place to relocate. As a specialised dive instructor and qualified personal trainer, being by the sea was a no-brainer. Leonie also loved the idea of coastal living and her background in early childhood and as a qualified Mat Pilates instructor was a natural fit when the opportunity to take on F45 Coolum presented itself. 

Both driven to establish a strong and healthy community they were only a year into their time with F45 when the opportunity to open a sister studio and bring the newest fitness revolution, FS8, became available.  

“We are very excited to bring FS8 to the Coolum Community,” says Leonie. “FS8 is Pilates, toning and yoga remixed. We love everything that it stands for. 

“The workouts still have high intensity with low impact focusing on cardio, strength, balance, mobility, flexibility, coordination, posture and mental health.”

There is a very welcoming vibe when you enter the studio in Coolum. The fresh, light and airy décor is instantly calming, the staff and clients are so friendly – but it’s the view that makes this a studio unlike any one I have ever been in before. 

Elevated above the shops on Beach Road, it has a million-dollar view of Coolum Beach and I would pay just to sit there and watch the waves lap the shore and the sun sets over our sandy coastline. 

How very lucky we are to have the opportunity to workout with water views! 

But we go to FS8 to train, so after soaking up seaside views it was time to do just that. 

I’m not going to lie, I’m inconsistent with training. I prefer to be wearing Alice McCall rather than activewear but I do love the results when I put in the effort. 

Effort is one thing that strikes me as being different in this form of exercise – because there is such variety in the movement you don’t realise the effort you are putting in until after the class (and especially the day after). I had used muscles I never knew existed but I didn’t struggle to do the exercises in the class. 

I think this is my spirit sport! 

I feel that I am meant to do a pilates/tone/yoga type workout where I’m not going to get bored, it’s something completely different every class and it doesn’t put pressure on my ageing joints. I loved that fact that the class included the reformer pilates machine, dumbbells and some mat work – short bursts of exercise that made me think I was capable and there is hope that I may one day see my abs again. 

The class was an interesting mix of men and women of varying ages and abilities and I felt safe and unjudged. 

The instructors support you and allow you to choose your own weight, springs or option for your ability on the day. Plus, they ensure you get the attention you need to ensure you’re exercising safely to avoid injury.  

“FS8 Coolum provides one-on-one support in a group training, community-focused environment,” says Leonie. “Each class will leave you rejuvenated while wanting more.”

That’s so true as after class I felt like I had worked out, but I felt a sense of mental clarity and happiness and was looking forward to the next session. 

I asked some of the other clients in my class why they kept coming back. One of the younger attendees said she felt like she was gaining incredible core strength after the first few sessions and a lady slightly older than me said she loved the body toning she experienced without having to do cardio style workouts that are hard on the joints. 

Everyone at FS8 was nice, welcoming and it felt like a family – one that I want to spend more time with. 

Bravo Matt and Leonie! FS8 is great!

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Carlie Wacker has worked in the media entertainment industry for over 20 years. From television to stage and radio she has been lucky enough to work her way around the whole country. Over the last 10 years she has styled and choreographed innovative fashion parades and talent shows and brings her love for fashion and entertainment as our Fashion Editor. She is also an MC, voice-over artist and radio announcer.

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