Top Tile Trends with Sunshine Living Tile and Stone

Image source: IN Noosa Magazine

Crystal Bylett from Sunshine Living Tile and Stone talks us through the top tile trends for this season – from retro colours to contemporary curves.

The biggest trend we’re seeing come through at the moment is that a 60s and 70s vibe is coming back! People are being braver and bolder with their choices, using colours like warm rusty reds, corals and terracottas, as well as patterns like stripes and checkerboards.

Blues and yellows are also making a comeback – think Italian vibes – and larger tiles with colour and texture are proving to be great features in bathrooms and splashbacks, while also using less grout and saving labour costs!

Built-in EVERYTHING is definitely proving an amazing stylish and practical solution for so many areas. Think banquet seating in dining rooms and tiled bench tops, which are going to be the biggest hit in the next few years!

Ledge walls have been a great look in the bathrooms but these will start coming through into the bedroom for bedheads, and even ledges in the dining room to be used as shelves.

Marble is also back, which is great because it’s durable, dense and a very practical option that will last for generations! We’ll be seeing doorways framed in marble, lots of multi mixed marble in large formats, marble-lined alcoves, and bench tops with marble tiles – the brighter the better!

Another trend that’s perfect for coastal living is tiles with scallop edges and wave accents, which add curvaceous personality and softness into kitchens and bathrooms.

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