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Courtney Alderson meets a local ophthamology specialist who is passionate about preserving and protecting the precious gift of sight. 

Maintaining good eyesight is a vital part of wellbeing and a significant factor in retaining your independence and quality of life.
As Ophthamologist and owner of EyeHub Dr Sonia Moorthy says the earlier we start looking after the health of our eyes, the better chance we have to maintain good vision. 

“Sight is a precious gift but as we age, it does start to deteriorate for a variety of reasons,” Dr Moorthy said. “Addressing this can be associated with a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. For this reason, I want to make the experience as stressless and seamless as possible.”

Expert Advice, leading technology and personalised care backed by evidence-based research and an ongoing commitment to being at the forefront of the latest technology and procedures underpin the values at EyeHub and define Dr Moorthy’s approach.

“I get to know my patients, their stories, their lives, and I emphasise ‘care’ for this is something I feel very strongly about,” she says. “When patients have entrusted me with their sight, it is a privileged position to be in and I truly value the opportunity to do the very best for them and beyond. 

“As a mother, I understand how distressing an eye condition can be for families so I ensure that I provide the very best care whilst considering other support channels that might be required. 

“Families need a well rounded approach and I try to be available, accessible and to provide care in a nurturing manner.”

Dr Moorthy’s wealth of knowledge and expertise, particularly in the treatment of ocular diseases, including cataracts, pterygium, glaucoma and macula disorders, is second-to-none. 

As an intern in Dundee, Scotland where she completed her medical degree,  Dr Moorthy knew she wanted to be a surgeon but it was a visit to the Ophthalmology department that opened her eyes to how life-changing it can be. 

“I met Dr John Ellis, a vitreo-retinal surgeon who was not only an exceptionally talented surgeon, but also a patient teacher and all around compassionate human being,” she said. “It was refreshing to meet someone so grounded considering that Ophthalmic surgery changes lives instantaneously, not to mention the finite skill and intricacies of the field. It transcends race, religion, colour and has the capacity to help countless. 

“It was a humbling experience and my journey began then and I haven’t looked back. I have him to thank.”

With a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from the University of Melbourne, Dr Moorthy’s general ophthalmic training was completed at the Sydney Eye Hospital. 

She subsequently completed two fellowships in paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus (where the eyes are not properly aligned) at the prestigious Singapore National Eye Centre and Moorfields Eye Hospital, London. 

While studying, she volunteered as a field researcher in the Pilbara, WA as part of the National Indigenous Eye Survey and since graduating has been providing adult, paediatric and indigenous eye care in Far North Queensland, serving communities up to Cape York. She continues to be involved in Indigenous Eye Care as a Visiting Ophthalmic Consultant in Emerald, Central Queensland.

She is active in the industry and is part of Women in Ophthalmology Committee and volunteers with the RANZCO Ophthalmic Sciences Board of Examiners committed to training and guiding the next generation of Ophthalmic Surgeons.

“Having lived in three different continents over the past 40 years, I am proud to call Australia and the Sunshine Coast home,” she said.

“This country has helped shape my career and it is time to give back. I intend to provide only exceptional care for a long time to come.

“I am a proud mumma surgeon, with a very supportive husband who reinvented himself from a Regional Sales MD to MD of Daddy/Home Affairs as well as being the EyeHub business advisor. I proudly tell Amara who just turned two and Eshan who is in Prep that every man can wear a suit but not everyone can swap their suits for their families as their father has done.” she said.

Together with Harry and their small  but caring team, it’s clear Dr Moorthy strives to deliver vision that patients may have never imagined before or perhaps have lost since their youth.

“A classic example is lens implantation choice at the time of cataract surgery and the potential for a beautiful range of vision to help patients continue to do the things they love,” she said. “As a patient said to me recently, ‘Doc I feel like I have my 20 year old self back!’ It changes your perspective on life completely and I am so humbled to be able to offer this to my patients.”

The clinic is one of the first on the Coast to operate with the full innovative range of Zeiss diagnostic equipment to manage a range of eye conditions.

“My clinic is literally a Zeiss candy store,” Dr Moorthy says. “I have invested in the latest and greatest Zeiss equipment to manage a range of eye conditions, from cataracts to glaucoma and macula disorders.”

Central to an eye-watering list of specialised equipment, including the latest laser which has revolutionised glaucoma management; is the integration of all systems into a central Forum viewing platform.

“No, I do not have shares in Zeiss (sadly), their products do speak for themselves – and more is yet to come!”

Open your eyes to the possibilities of perfect eyesight with a professional and passionate team. Request a referral to see Dr Moorthy today.

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