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We love our fur kids in Australia and providing them with the finest in food, fashion and living is impawtant to us. Keeping the pooches pampered is proving big business and one local brand is bringing the bling to doggo bedding.

The pet care and accessories market continues to grow as we continue our love affair with man’s best friend. We are feeding them chef prepared, restaurant quality food, dressing them in designer fashion and dedicating Instagram accounts to their daily lives.

It’s no surprise that we are seeking posture improving, sleep aiding bedding options and that’s where Epona Leisure are here to service you. Epona Leisure are purveyors of luxe giant bean bags for the pool and outdoor day beds, but they now also cater to the canine cuties in our lives with their lush pet bean bag beds.

The Epona Leisure Pet Bean Bag is designed to be both comfortable and super cute. It is the ultimate in relaxation for your dog or cat while looking less like a dog’s breakfast and more like a purposeful design additional to any room.

The heavy-duty fabric is durable and easy to keep clean in a neutral colour that works with any interior styling palette. These dog bean bags have removable pet bean bag covers in a faux fur topper that are machine washable, adding that extra layer of warmth and cosiness for your four-legged buddy.

As our best friends start to age it’s crucial to ensure bedding and rest spots are easy on the body and provide relief to joints and muscles, so an Epona Leisure pet bed is the greatest gift you can offer. You’ll probably even find yourself snuggling up with your fur baby on this bed.


  • Dogs sleep a little longer in the cooler months so provide a warm, comfortable bed.
  • If your dog is mainly outside during winter, they will burn more calories to stay warm – add a little extra food and ensure water is fresh and topped up.
  • Increase bathing intervals – just like us, their skin dries out in cooler weather – the more you bath your dog the drier its skin will become and potentially cause irritation.
  • More cuddles – it will keep you both warm and happy.
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