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The future of wellness is in our hands, and in this fast-paced world, we need all the biohacks to ensure we’re living our best lives. Carlie Wacker uncovers the heart of health and happiness at Cotton Tree’s family-run Body Transformation Institute.

Trent Banyan is a trusted name in the world of holistic health. In the ever-growing realm of wellness and longevity, together with he’s combined cutting-edge technology with ancient forms of healing to create Body Transformation Institute – a clinic that’s shaping the future of wellness right here on the Sunshine Coast.

On The Esplanade overlooking Cotton Tree you’ll enter an instantly calming space that seamlessly combines traditional Chinese Medicine with the world’s latest non-invasive technology.

Alongside acupuncture for advanced energy healing, you’ll find the most technologically advanced devices such as the HOCATT and Tesla Chair, plus the leading fat-freezing and body-shaping machines. Body Transformation Institute delivers what it suggests – a holistic approach to enhancing our lives from the inside out; the ultimate in biohacking.

Biohacking (or human enhancement) is quite simply the new age term for self-love – it’s the act of making lifestyle changes to improve health and wellbeing to live our fullest healthiest life, by losing weight, improving brain function, increasing lifespan and so much more.

Body Transformation Institute is the evolution of Canberra-based business, Total Body Contouring, owned and run by Suzie Heath and Danni and Jess Rustenburg and now incorporating Trent’s holistic health approach to offer 17 different services that deliver the ultimate in health enhancement.

Trent says in a fast-paced world, we are time poor and looking for that edge.

“There are ways through nutritional, daily habits and treatments that can help us gain better results in shorter amounts of time,” he adds.

Body, skin and wellness treatments are all on the menu at Body Transformation Institute. Athletes are recovering quicker through ice baths and infra-red saunas, while hot and cold therapy is the game changer for recovery and chronic pain.

The HOCATT machine is creating a worldwide stir in the biohacking space.

“HOCATT is Hypothermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology, and we only need 30 minutes each week to reap the rewards,” Trent explains. “You sit in a capsule as the ozone sauna heats up using infra-red technology and steam – your body receives the benefit of an infusion of super oxygen that goes down to a cellular level, improving energy, cell regeneration and energy production. It can ward off viruses and bacteria in the body and improve the lymphatic system.”

I wasn’t leaving without experiencing this magic machine, and it delivered the goods. My head was outside the capsule and I was inhaling pure oxygen through a tube while the work was happening inside the machine. Steam, warmth and aromatherapy filled the capsule, and while I was heavily sweating, it was perfectly comfortable and I definitely felt like I was burning up to the 600 calories the HOCATT claims it can do.

After a relaxing 30-minute session I felt an immediate energy boost and certainly felt detoxified – a feeling of lightness and clarity. There is lots of research indicating the benefits of this therapy in treating women’s health issues, which is really exciting for those suffering endometriosis and infertility.

On that note, I was really interested in Body Transformation Institute’s Tesla Chair, which works through Advanced Functional Magnetic Stimulation. This one-hour treatment will change the way we think about treating pelvic issues such as lower back pain, incontinence, impotence and pelvic floor strength.

After only a few minutes, I certainly felt like I’d done an abdominal workout.

The clinic is popular for their body and skin services, offering Cooltech, Onda and Slimyonik therapies for fat freezing and body shaping; Emface, Etherea and Mesopen as revolutionary skin treatments; and cosmetic acupuncture as a non-invasive and effective alternative to surgery and injections.

Ice baths and infrared therapy add to the full-body approach to wellness and beauty – a holistic approach to getting the best from our body, mind and spirit.

This institute really offers the complete body transformation from head-to-toe.

A complimentary consultation from the experts at Body Transformation Institute will be the best step in living your best life, where they’ll customise a treatment plan for your needs.

Trent, who’s a highly regarded holistic practitioner and health coach, leads this family team with experience and integrity.

“We don’t treat superficially –
our approach is to ensure that the technologies are complementary to the client’s lifestyle,” he says.

“We won’t suggest fat-freezing if the client is not including lymphatic, dietary and detoxification support to get the best results.

“It’s important to us to support our clients on a physical level, but also spiritually, emotionally and mentally. These attributes contribute to our overall wellness.

“We must ask ourselves if mindset is contributing to a physical factor.

“If you are working on a physical body only, you’re going to get left behind – the world of wellness is shifting very quickly.”

Body Transformation Institute is leading the way in the art of bio-hacking, and our future is looking healthy and very well.

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