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All you need is love – and dogs! Carlie Wacker explores the world of canine parenthood and the benefits of living in the pet friendly Sunshine Coast region.

As the proud mum of fur kids I take great pleasure in understanding and researching why there is such a strong bond between humans and their dogs. It is thought that the relationship is very similar to the parent-infant attachment bond and unlike human babes growing up and out of that stage, our dogs remain completely reliant on the pawrents for life.

For me it’s a bit like having a child that won’t ever fly the coop. It’s beginning to sound a bit like I have abandonment issues but there are other cool reasons we dig our dogs!

Man’s (and woman’s) best friend provides us with unconditional love and the wellbeing benefits far outweigh the chewed-up slippers, poop bag carrying and puppy nips.

A dog provides companionship and motivation to get outside and take a walk. There is scientific proof that dogs reduce stress and anxiety which is why we see this animal in so many impawtent therapy jobs. They are so smart they can even detect medical emergencies and they have always been trusted to do the tough work in emergency and defence services. Let’s face it – dogs are PAWESOME!

With 69% of Australian homes shared with such marvellous creatures it is no wonder the pet industry is on a steady incline. According to the Pets in Australia: A National Survey of Pets and People report by Animal Medicines Australia, approximately $33 billion is spent annually to tend to our pet’s health and wellbeing.

Food, medicine, fashion, accessories, schooling, entertainment and daycare for our pets is big business. The rise in dogfluencers on social media has probably contributed – I’m finding more fabulous things for my fur kids from these online superstars.

I recently purchased paw pads for my older dog so he could get a grip on the tiles at home and a special hydrating snout balm to apply when we do our weekly day spa treatments. Fur real!

Our region is also home to some of the best pet events likes A Dog’s Life Pet Expo in Noosa and Doggy Vibes in Peregian.

Our cafes and bars are becoming more and more pet friendly, the fur kids can come to Bunnings and the airlines are even jumping on the bandwaggin’.

Our connection to canines is getting stronger and one Sunshine Coast business that is here for the ride and totally gets our love of dogs is Indie Boho. Designer and founder Sora knows what dog owners want – luxurious and stylish, portable, high quality, durable and easy to clean lifestyle accessories for our much loved best furry friends.

The original pet bed and travel mat are essentials for my bigger pooches and everyone I know has an Indie Boho car booster seat for their small breed pupper.

As we demand more and more luxury for our four-legged family members, the team at Indie Boho have been innovating and creating the next chapter of dog gear – we can now add an outdoor dog bed to the collection so we can all lounge around the pool in style.

Happy hound shopping darlings! See you for a puppucino at the local!

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Carlie Wacker has worked in the media entertainment industry for over 20 years. From television to stage and radio she has been lucky enough to work her way around the whole country. Over the last 10 years she has styled and choreographed innovative fashion parades and talent shows and brings her love for fashion and entertainment as our Fashion Editor. She is also an MC, voice-over artist and radio announcer.

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