Love the Skin You’re in with Dr. Clare Patterson

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As a highly experienced medical doctor and dermatologist, Dr Clare Patterson is passionate about helping the people of Peregian Beach and beyond feel confident in their skin, discovers Rebecca Jamieson Dwyer.

Acne, rosacea, pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, signs of ageing – we all want to love the skin we’re in, but sometimes expert advice from a professional can help target areas of concern and result in our skin looking and feeling its best.

Enter Dr Clare Patterson, a British doctor and dermatologist who knows firsthand what it feels like to struggle with her skin after experiencing debilitating acne in her younger years.

“I had acne when I was a teenager, and I absolutely hated it,” she shares.

“We had a couple of really old books lying around that recommended applying carbolic acid and other questionable treatments. But it wasn’t until I was a junior doctor in medical school that I learnt more about skin and found an effective way to treat my acne.

“The whole experience gave me empathy for others, and a life-long passion for good skin and the power it has to make us feel great about ourselves.”

From her boutique Peregian Beach clinic, Dr Clare offers a variety of treatments for all types of skin conditions and concerns, with a focus on skin damage including acne, rashes, rosacea, skin cancer; and the signs of skin ageing that can be treated with energy devices, injectables and prescription skincare.

With over 24 years of experience as a medical doctor and as a Board Certified skin specialist, she is at the cutting edge of technology in the dermatological space, bringing her unrivalled expertise to each consultation.

Dr Clare loves the aesthetics side of her practice, and is committed to achieving a fresh, subtle look for her clients – helping them feel more like themselves when they look in the mirror.

“People’s biggest fear is that they’re going to look overdone,” she says.

“I read each person’s face properly to figure out exactly what they need, and my work is extremely subtle – I aim for them to be able to go out for lunch afterwards without anyone noticing.”

Thanks to her extensive medical training, Dr Clare treats every client as an individual and can recommend the best course of action for their unique circumstances – from a combination of creams, injectables and energy-based devices for their particular skin concerns.

As an experienced doctor she can offer an entire suite of options, following up with the client throughout the entire process to make sure their skin is reacting as it should.

“I have some clients come to me that have been going round in circles for years and haven’t quite achieved the results they were hoping for, and I’m able to help them,” she says.

“Other times, someone might ask for a spot to be lasered off and I’ll diagnose it as a melanoma – or someone might ask for fillers when muscle relaxing injections would be more effective at targeting their particular concern. When people come to me, they’re not going to get the wrong treatment.”

Almost every month there are new developments in the aesthetics industry, and as a medical doctor, Dr Clare is passionate about offering the most advanced, progressive treatments.

“I attend the right conferences, have the right contacts and know what the latest treatments are and how to carry them out effectively,” she says.

It can be intimidating seeking help for skin concerns for the first time, which is why Dr Clare and her team are committed to creating a relaxed experience in the clinic.

For such an accomplished medical professional, Clare herself is lively and down-to-earth, with a demeanor that helps patients feel completely at ease during their treatment.

As well as treating women in their mid-thirties and beyond, Dr Clare sees an increasing number of male patients who are particularly interested in targeting rosacea, uneven skin tone and frown lines. And there’s no age limit for getting aesthetic treatments, with an 80-year-old woman recently coming in for a touch of lip filler so she could continue wearing her beloved lipstick.

Regardless of who she’s treating, authenticity and discretion are at the core of Dr Clare’s ethos – something that’s appreciated in such a close-knit community.

“Privacy is extremely important to me – nothing leaves these four walls,” she says. Helping people feel happier with the reflection in the mirror comes with deep job satisfaction for Dr Clare.

“People just want to feel good. No one is expecting to look like a model. They’re just saying, ‘I want to look like the best possible version of myself.’”

Here’s to loving the skin you’re in!

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