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I’m Carlie Wacker and I am the stereotypical fad dieter – always looking out for the next miraculous way to lose weight and get fit. In recent times there has been a groundswell of support and mentions for a local business offering a unique approach to health and wellness, so I had to find out more about Nirvana Life.

The people of Noosa are raving about Nirvana Life training and their amazing home-delivered meals. Melissa Donnelly is the entrepreneur behind this growing empire that takes a refreshing approach to being your best.The training, food and mindset makeover is at our fingertips so let’s find out how it all began…

“I started my own journey which is now what I look back and refer to myself as ‘my own worst client’,” she said. 

“I started my fitness journey 11 years ago and began following a diet regime which, according to a magazine and on the internet, worked for all the fitness fanatics. I started eating copious amounts of protein and low carbs thinking I was doing the right thing. 

“Sadly, I developed the worst digestion health issues, spent thousands of dollars having exploratory colonoscopies and consulting numerous health professionals but absolutely no one could help me. 

“It was then that I found an Ayurvedic specialist who literally fixed me in a matter of days. This led me to studying gut health and Ayurvedic medicine and a few years later the unique approach to Nirvana Life was born,” she shares. 

The whole idea behind the ancient Ayurvedic approach is to create balance in the body and mind. It recognises that we are all individual in our constitution and therefore we all require tailored approaches to wellness. 

Melissa says “You are unique, do not follow the craze or next diet fad. Follow what is right for you.” 

This is a game-changer for me. I totally get why the cookie-cutter approach I have been taking hasn’t proven successful. 

“Being aware of one’s life is all about understanding that there is a healthier way to get better results,” adds Melissa. 

She offers gut health Ayurvedic consultations, customised personal training and takes into consideration your individual constitution. I am particularly interested in learning about what type of exercises are beneficial at my age and stage of life and what program Melissa would create to address that. To assist with your journey, Nirvana Life Meals makes the transition to the best you even easier. 

This part of the business provides delicious macro meals using locally-sourced produce and delivered to your door. I do not know what more one needs to reach peak health and wellness! 

I have always found the hardest part of life is knowing what to eat – should I have carbs or not? What the hell are carbs anyway?! There is so much confusing information out there. Nirvana Life Meals make life easy with a mouth-watering menu for weight loss, bulking and more. 

To explain why these convenient meals are different to the more commonly known home delivery options we need to break down what macro means. 

“Macro is short for macronutrient, which is the umbrella term for the three key nutrients that should make up most of your diet: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Plenty of foods even contain a mix of several macros,” Melissa says. 

“Many people focus on only calories and macro counts in their foods! But what about sodium levels? You will be so surprised when you start looking at food labels how much sodium is actually in ‘so-called’ healthy foods.” 

Nirvana Life meals are macro-counted by Melissa and created with her partner and Head Chef Raphael Andreucci Miragaia Ribeiro. They are delivered to your door weekly with the order cut off every Wednesday at 8pm.

What I love about this way of addressing health is that they encourage breakfast – good news for a gal that enjoys food. 

“We consider every meal the most important of the day; our breakfast range wakes your tastebuds in the most mouth-watering way possible,” teases Mel. 

They offer meals in Keto options, broths for gut health and snacks – yes you can snack and still be super healthy and lose weight – I’m SOLD. 

Nirvana Life is the complete health and wellness package. As a qualified PT and gut health nutrition specialist in Ayurvedic medicine, Melissa will train your body and mind and feed your soul (quite literally) with the good food for optimal wellbeing and happiness. 

So, I’m putting on my big girl tights, booking a gut health consultation and PT session, placing a food order and joining  the Nirvana Life fan club. 

Watch this space – no more fad diets for this food lover!  

Reach out for wellness and wake up your tastebuds at

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