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Crystal Bylet from Sunshine Living Tile & Stone, with all the answers to the questions about 2020 summer house trends

How would you describe your personal style and how it translates to your business?

I’m a natural girl through-and-through so my style usually gravitates towards earthy and rustic, always with a natural element.

I’m not into anything that has a ‘fakey’ artificial look so all our products need to be quality, interesting and authentic looking.

I’m always on the hunt for tiles that get overlooked by mainstream stores so our shelves are filled with something a bit different to what is usually on offer.

What is your most popular product?

I couldn’t say we have any “popular” tiles or products as we really don’t like following the trends.

Our main focus is to find what lights people up and find a design and concept that suits the space, purpose and their personality.

What are some of the elements that set your business apart?

We are not a ‘sausage factory’ store… we have heart, soul and take care in everything we do.

We are not an everyday tile store that is filled with an overwhelming range. I keep the range short, sharp and ever-changing.

Our service and care for each person who walks through the door is very genuine and we pride ourselves on looking after our customers more like friends, well they usually do turn into friends!

We know it can be an overwhelming task to create a new dream space so we hold their hand through every step of the journey.

We have a network of brilliant tradies and contacts that will look after our customers like we do… to ensure the job runs smoothly from start to finish.

What are people loving right now?

Gone are the days when the trend was trying to stay ‘safe’ with neutral grey tones. We are seeing people want to take risks and show a bit of colour and inject their own personality in their projects.

Anything from deep rich greens with brass, unique patterned porcelains, soft handmade edged tiles and anything with texture.

In terms of planning and design trends, people are adding alfresco and bar areas into their designs which is awesome to see!

So we work on concepts that tie everything together from the inside to the outside, then around the pool and bar areas too! It’s always a bit of fun!

What about colours and textures?

Anything that is warm and earthy looking.  Soft terracottas and peachy tones are definitely in right now.

This style creates warmth and softness to a design, which is nice to see after a long run in grey designs.

What is the process in designing a concept for a new home or renovation?

We always want to know their vision and gather as much info from them as possible.First we would find the tiles that run throughout the house as this sets the scene or foundation for the rest of the concept.

Usually large format tiles in either a soft stone look, natural timber-look tiles or stunning stone that can also flow to the exterior to create the illusion of space and have that outside-inside vibe happening.

Then we like to find what colour or style reflects their personality and incorporate this element either softly or boldly to add interest and create a space that feels like home for them.

What are your top tips when it comes to selecting tiles?

Tiles are permanent so everything needs to be considered but the most important part is you have to love them.

Whether they are bold, beautiful and bright or soft, simple and stunning, they have to light you up and make you feel happy.

How have tiles and how we use them in the home changed over the years?

It’s all about the little things and attention to detail.

People are definitely finding those usually forgotten spaces to add interest with pattern, colour and texture in tiles and stone.

We are seeing lots of areas like stair risers, pool waterlines, front entries, fireplaces and entertaining areas as extra features in a home design to stand out from the crowd.

What future trends do you see happening in the tile industry?

Stone, stone, stone and more stone – on floors and walls!

Travertine and anything that has a soft, warm and earthy vibe.

Limestone and quartz claddings in soft whites and soft desert colours.

What do you love most about your business?

Oh I love so many things!

It’s honestly my happy place. It’s filled with beautiful products and awesome people that walk though the door everyday.

I love being at the forefront of the design industry and being the first the see new products, it makes every day exciting and fun!

Oh, and having the beach only 50 meters away always makes it a great place to spend my days!

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