Sunny Coast Showdown Superstars!

Image source: Photographer Katja Anton

Sunny Coast Showdown is building a local film industry to rival production hubs across the globe. Georgia Beard reveals the aspiring filmmakers given a golden ticket  to develop their screen projects with support from local legends. 

Raising funds for an emerging screen industry on the Sunshine Coast, cinephiles and aspiring filmmakers gathered at Noosa Waterfront Restaurant to celebrate the Rolls Royce and Sunny Coast Showdown Cocktail Party. 

More than $11,000 in donations and auction bids went to the production budget of Sunny Coast Showdown 2023, Jon Coghill and Dan Munday’s not-for-profit incubator for local screen projects. 

Far from the bright lights of Hollywood studios, the Sunshine Coast is home to an as-yet undiscovered community of talented screenwriters and producers. 

In the past, these up-and-coming filmmakers could only imagine their work on the big screen. But Sunny Coast Showdown offers the chance to bring their dreams to reality with mentorship, guidance and professional production services to bring their vision to film. 

The Sunny Coast Showdown received 92 submissions of outstanding quality, revealing the true depth of creative talent in our region. As Producers Louise Hayes and Heather Macfarlane sifted through scripts and treatments with the Sunshine Coast Screen Collective team, seven clear winners emerged across five categories. 

The projects will now receive funding, mentoring and support to enter production with a local cast and crew between March and May with the final products aired at the Sunny Coast Showdown Showcase on 24 June.

Alongside community funding, Sunny Coast Showdown’s productions are made possible by the professional guidance and incredible knowledge bank and talent of Sunshine Coast Screen Collective, volunteers, patrons and donors as well as a major sponsorship from the local branch of Bendigo Bank, run by Sunshine Coast Community Financial Services Ltd. 

Fostering community and cultural initiatives has always been a priority for Bendigo Bank and their support will allow local filmmakers to create stories that resonate nationally and globally, leaving an impact on the screen industry.

We can’t wait to see what these talented teams produce! Pass the popcorn!

Presented by Bendigo Bank

Congratulations to the following finalists whose scripts and ideas will now be brought to life thanks to the sponsors and Sunny Coast Showdown crew!


‘Bin Day’ by Ryan Butler
A pacifist woman and her lazy husband must work together to rid their home of an unwanted, undead pest during the apocalypse.

‘Slow Dating’ by Adam Szurich
When an elderly lady tries speed dating it leads to a night with a charming stranger and a heartbreaking revelation.


‘Stripper Trade Off’ by Stephen Walker
A stripper and a tradie walk into a club… going about their respective businesses… just for the wrong clients.


‘Rockin’ Rocks’ by Jessie Hughes
An adrenaline-fuelled pirate pursuit for fools’ gold to rock music.


‘Tia Pitman’ by Jakob Lydford
Local indigenous girl Tia Pitman’s life and story as an Indigenous roller skater, navigating the male-dominated skatepark, finding creative freedom and self-expression in a gorgeous way.


‘My Dream Hideout’ by Anita Poteri
My Dream Hideout is a family show featuring a team of experts who will visit a selected family/person and transform their secret hideout idea to reality in their backyard – but it’s a surprise!

‘A-Wake’ by Catherine Mack
An epic journey of the soul. How Abi Wake found her roots on the Sunshine Coast, and within herself. Moving from trauma to freedom through dance – but not like you’ve ever seen it before. 

To volunteer as part of the production cast and crew, visit


Summer 2022: Coast Up in Lights for Sunny Coast Showdown

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