Crêpe Expectations with Chef Florian Guillemard

Image source: Photographer Ian Waldie

Florian Guillemard 


Flo’s Crêperie
Noosa & Mooloolaba

How/why did you become a chef?

I have always had a passion for restaurants and have always been fascinated by the theatrical aspects of a restaurant.

Technically, I am not a chef; I’m more of an all-rounder. I can work in the kitchen, behind the bar and on the floor. 

I went to hospitality school in France for five years, so my training included everything from cooking to management and accounting. My main experience has been in restaurant management.

What have been your career highlights? 

When I worked at The Ivy in London I learned the importance of attention to detail and this really shaped my approach to management and running successful restaurants.

Opening Flo’s in Noosa with my wife Michelle was a definite career highlight – we could visualise a crêperie in Noosa for a long time. Even now, looking at it, we’re so proud to be serving our food to locals and tourists. 

The response has been so fantastic that we also opened Flo’s Crêperie at The Wharf, Mooloolaba  

What do you love about what you do?

I consider myself as a people pleaser, so seeing people enjoying our food is very satisfying. 

What do you love about local produce? 

Connecting with the producers. 

One of my favourites is Lee Fishing from Tin Can Bay, where we get our prawns. Peter, the owner, always comes in and delivers them personally.

What is your approach to food?

Cook it the way you would like to eat it – and that’s also what I tell my chefs. If you wouldn’t be happy to be served that crêpe, make another one. 

What is your favourite dish to cook or eat?

Crêpes, of course! Our kids love food, so my main focus is making sure they are building their palettes, eating well and enjoying food. 

I have lots of favourite dishes such as couscous, beef bourguignon – but the one thing they have in common is that they must have lots of sauce! 

Who is your culinary inspiration?

I’m inspired by people who work hard to not only master their product but also constantly take it to the next level. 

I’m also inspired by chefs who think outside the square and try new things. 

Do you cook at home? 

I love to cook at home. I usually stick with what I know and cook French food, but I would love to have more time to cook other cuisines. 

Who would you love to cook for? 

I’d love to cook for my dad, who passed away in 2010. We used to go to crêperies together, and my dad always used to say nothing had been done in crêperies, it’s all too traditional, so much more can be done. 

I was inspired by that, and that’s why our menu is very versatile. 

We have Aussie and Asian influences, and vegetarian options. I think he would have approved of Flo’s! 

What do you love about being IN Noosa?

The community feeling, and the lifestyle. Michelle and I do a lot of trail running, so the national park is just awesome for that. We surf a lot with the family, so the beaches are perfect. 

We like eating out, and the variety of restaurants here is excellent. 

We have many amazing friends around. For me, Noosa has it all.

Any advice for young chefs?

It can be hard to find the right kitchen to work in where you can grow and enjoy your learning process, so don’t hesitate to try different restaurants if you’re not happy or if you’re bored after a while. 

It can be an unhealthy industry if you’re not careful, so it’s important to stay healthy, drink a lot of water, exercise and look after yourself – avoid the negative spiral.

What is your favourite kitchen tool? 

The rozell, which is the wooden crêpe spreader. 

What is your favourite ingredient? 


Anything else to add?

Flo’s would not be where it is without our managers, Paloma & Lucas, our head chefs, Yann and Stephane, and our amazing team. Crêpes are so much more than a dessert, so come and explore our flavours!


Summer 2022: Vive La Crêpe Revolution at Flo’s Crêperie

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