Crêpes on the Coast at Flo’s Crêperie Mooloolaba

Image source: Photographer Florence Lemyre

There’s been a French revolution on the Coast since Flo’s has come to town to fulfil our Francophile desires with mouthwatering crêpes and galettes just over one year ago. Georgia Beard asks Head Chef  and Frenchman, Yann Gougeon about the journey and his favourite crêpes to cook, eat and serve.

What has been your most memorable shift since you began at Flo’s?

Since I was part of Flo’s opening, every little step is memorable, but I would say Mother’s Day was the most epic. It was the busiest one, but since we were expecting this number of customers, our mise en place was on point and the A-team was on the starting block, which meant that a non-stop, crazy-busy day went super smooth.

We did the service while having fun – absolutely no stress. At the end of the day, we were all amazed at how good such a big day went.

What is the most exciting Australian ingredient you’ve been able to work with?

What makes Australia taste like Australia is mangoes. Rarely in France could I find a decent mango. Here during peak season, it smells of sweet mango in every fruit shop, and properly prepared, this fruit goes well with so many sweet or savoury ingredients. It brings a sweet and refreshing taste, and depending on how ripe it is, its flavours and textures evolve. It’s an amazing product.

Out of your team, who eats the greatest number of crêpes in a week?

With no doubt, I call out our best barista Killian aka Kiki aka ‘the Ibis’. There is no crêpe or galette he doesn’t fancy. No matter the time of the day or the dish on offer, he is up to it.

I am convinced that from his coffee machine, he notices the sound of a plate being upsettingly set back on the workbench if it’s not perfect for the customer, and Kiki the Ibis appears.

Due to this, he is now a connoisseur, always happy to try new tastes and is able to identify many of the characteristics that makes a good crêpe or galette.

If you could only eat one crêpe for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

This one comes from my grandfather. Where I am from, crêpes and galette are history – we’ve made galettes since the 12th century. I grew up on crêpes and galettes, and I’ve seen my grandfather having butter-sugar crêpes since I can remember. I’ve tried many different combinations but there is something about the simplicity of melted, salted butter and crunchy sugar on the crêpe – no taste goes beyond the other.

It is naughty but never seems too heavy, and I am always amazed by the wonderful taste of such a simple combination – or maybe it is simply a nod to my grandfather with every one I enjoy.

What receives the most requests at home?

My family always goes simple – ham, cheese, eventually eggs. I try to source the best ingredients to magnify those classics. A Crêpe Suzette well-prepared and flaming with Grand Marnier also goes a long way at family gatherings.

The experience of flambé with my family makes it feel like a party or a restaurant at home. It’s a big win every time – even the time my wife almost burnt the tablecloth pouring flaming alcohol and blowing on the flame – as I said, it feels like party at home!

The best drink to have with a crêpe?

Easy one! Cider, no doubt, but I would recommend cider doux. That’s how we roll in my family. It is the sweeter one, the less alcoholic one with around 2% alcohol. During summer reunion, sweet, sparkling cider is so refreshing. It goes well with crêpes, whether savoury or sweet, and because it is so low in alcohol, even the young ones could have a sip or two back in my days.

Nowadays, I also enjoy the rosé cider – sweet and tangy. If served in a wine glass, it brings a bit of a fancy feeling!

Which is better – crêpe or galette?

That’s a tricky one – there is no right answer here. I will say the La Complète galette – runny egg, cheese and ham.

I’ll add salad and cherry tomatoes to this, and that’s a guarantee of success. It’s filling, fresh and crunchy.

Have a butter-sugar crêpe with that, and you’ve got yourself a balanced meal and a piece of Brittany history!

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