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In the Right Direction for the 2032 Olympic Games

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The 2032 Olympic Games offers a chance for the Sunshine Coast to truly shine and make the most of every opportunity. Jennifer Swaine reveals the leadership team behind who will be taking us in the right direction.

In July 2021, many Australians waited nervously to hear if six years of hard work would result in Brisbane being name as host city for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

Closer to home at Kings Beach, Caloundra the atmosphere was also tense as locals gathered at the amphitheatre eagerly awaiting the announcement which was being live streamed from Tokyo on the eve of Tokyo 2020.

When the announcement was made that Brisbane had been successful, the crowd erupted in cheers – Brisbane had secured the Olympics easily with 72 of the 77 valid votes going their way.

Brisbane 2032 will be the third time Australia will host the Olympics, having previously been held in Sydney in 2000 and Melbourne in 1956.

The Sunshine Coast will have an important role to play during Brisbane 2032 with four key venues and several sporting events to be held here during the Olympic Games, including football, basketball, marathon, mountain biking, cycling and kiteboarding. The region will also host multiple days of road-based events (marathon and road cycling) during the 2032 Paralympic Games.

And while it is still ten years away, there is much to do to prepare the region so that we can deliver the games at a world-class standard.

However, it is important to remember that the Olympic and Paralympic Games are held for just a moment in time. We must not lose sight of the opportunity for these games to create a legacy that will shape this region in both the lead up to the games, and long after the medals have been awarded and the competitors have returned home.

This is our opportunity to get housing and major infrastructure projects delivered, it’s a time to ensure the Sunshine Coast is truly connected to Brisbane via heavy rail and it’s a time for the community to come together as a show of force to help influence what the future will look like.

Member for Fairfax, Ted O’Brien was former Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s personal representative for Brisbane’s candidature and, following the announcement, was appointed as Special Envoy for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Following the announcement, Mr O’Brien invited more than 100 Sunshine Coast community and business leaders to start discussions on how we might shape a ‘2032 Taskforce’ for the Sunshine Coast, with the sole purpose of identifying and leveraging opportunities. 

Participating in this meeting was Dawn Fraser who said at the time, “It’s not for us – it’s for future generations and to open up the Sunshine Coast to the world.

“I think the taskforce will help the Sunshine Coast and is going to sky-rocket the future for the kids and that’s what we’re looking for,” Ms Fraser said.

Following the initial meeting of business and community leaders, expressions of interest were sought from individuals from both Noosa and the Sunshine Coast wishing to participate in the taskforce. Members of Sunshine Coast 2032, which are voluntary and unpaid, were selected through an independent process managed by Regional Development Sunshine Coast together with a local recruitment firm. 

The purpose of Sunshine Coast 2032, formerly known as the 2032 Taskforce, is to ensure the Sunshine Coast and Noosa regions maximise opportunities in the lead up to, during and after, the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

One of the aims of Sunshine Coast 2032 is to engage with, and give voice to, the local community on a broad range of issues, that may affect them as a result of the Brisbane 2032 Games – from sport, community and infrastructure to social and economic issues.

Sunshine Coast 2032 also aims to engage with all three tiers of government, the Brisbane Operating Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG) and other organisations, to identify opportunities – from business procurement to sport training and camps – with a view to becoming a conduit for sharing information with, and providing support to, local businesses, community and sporting organisations in the lead up to the Games.

In July 2022 Mr O’Brien officially handed the baton of Sunshine Coast 2032 to well-known business and community leader Roz White who was appointed chair. Standing alongside Ms White as her Deputy leads are two-time Olympic swimmer, Duncan Armstrong OAM and four-time Paralympic swimmer, Brendan Burkett OAM.

The Sunshine Coast 2032 board and committee have recently been announced with Ms White noting that they are made up of a high-powered group of athletes, businesspeople and community leaders, each committed to ensuring the Sunshine Coast and Noosa Regions make the most of the social, environmental and economic gains on offer.

“The road to Brisbane 2032 is paved with opportunities, from infrastructure and community, to showcasing our beautiful home to the world. It’s up to us to leverage that potential,” Ms White said.

The various committees will be the voices of the Sunshine Coast community, identifying partnership opportunities for business, industry and sporting groups and bringing the benefits of the Olympic and Paralympic games to life.

It’s time to dream big.

Now, more than ever, it is important that we share a common vision as we dream of the potential and the possibilities the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games might bring. 

We have the chance to create a legacy that will last well beyond this generation, and it is our chance to secure infrastructure that may have otherwise avoided our grasp. We must work together to get this right because opportunities like this may not be seen again for quite some time.


Sunshine Coast 2032 Board Members:

  • Roz White
  • Danielle Smith
  • Duncan Armstrong OAM
  • Kerry Neill
  • Brendan Burkett OAM
  • Dawn-Lorraine Fraser
  • Simone Pearce
  • Leigh McCready

The Sunshine Coast 2032 leadership group, heading various committees, includes:

  • Kaitlyn Akers (Community & Volunteers)
  • Melanie Anderson (Business & Tourism)
  • Megyn Carpenter (Environment & Sustainability)
  • Blake Cochrane (Sport & Recreation / Ambassador)
  • Dane Cross (Infrastructure)
  • Ferre de Deyne (Arts & Culture)
  • Kylie Ezzy (Communications)
  • Alana Quade (Sport & Recreation / Ambassador)
  • Andrew Ryan (Infrastructure)
  • Jennifer Swaine (Business & Tourism)
  • Dianne Swan (Arts & Culture)
  • Min Swan (Community & Volunteers)
  • John Williams (Communications) 

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